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Subject A sh**load of people have been dying in the last three weeks - but it's not just from covid or clotshots
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Original Message A sh**load of people have been dying in the last three weeks. For example, Monday's covid death toll was 1,264 higher than the death toll on Monday Jan.10th.

The gargantuan increases have occurred for 15 weekdays in a row. (Weekend data collection from the CDC are always incomplete, so they are not counted.)

[link to covid.cdc.gov (secure)]

The upward shift occurred starting on the day more 5G was activated across the country. Deaths had flatlined in the week before.

But now for the bonus fact: Although hospitals are focus points for 5G, I can guarantee you that things like ringing in the ears, headaches and brain fog have suddenly risen all over the place as well.

Are you among the victims? Ask yourself, "Did my problem start or get worse at any time in the last three weeks? The effects are cumulative. That means if it just showed up today, you're starting to being harmed by 5G as we speak. It will continue and get worse.

Cancer could be next for you. Or a racing heart.

You could protect yourself by rotating orgonite.

Otherwise you're on your own. Your doctor might offer you drugs, but will be clueless as to the cause. While the drugs might mask your pain, your injuries from 5G will continue to destroy your health and you perhaps to the point of suicide if it's ringing in the ears that is bothering you.

Rotating orgonite is by far the better option for you and your family. It's inexpensive and highly effective. Most likely you'll love it so much you'll add to your collection weekly. If you own a business or work in an office, you'll be setting them up there as well, reaping the health, mood, performance and financial rewards.
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