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Subject Is Ukraine a dry run for U.S
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Original Message The Classic Ukrainians (Patriots) (Right) seem to favor Russian traditions. And wish to not be what it's become. And where it's going. Basically all the issues many see happening in America.

Where as the younger or newer thought (Liberal, Demo, Sjw, lgbetc, migrants) Ukrainians seem to favor the progressive ways.

So if things were really rotten hypothetically of course;) and Ukraine became msm programmed pro abortion socially and culturally enriched. With tons of migrants allowed in from all over just every thing that many say are happening in the States.

Would it stand to reason if there ever we're a leader like say T-r-u-mp for instance. Would have tried to stand up for old school American values the same would or could take place?

The new wave citizens (referring to the progressive sjw demo lgbt anti patriotic lefty whatevers) would have screamed Foul. And they would have been supported and sent weapons backed by other Countries and the current whatever controls this U$ofÅ..

Are we being shown our future or what could have happened not too far in our past?

It could go anywhere at anytime mess all over. I've no doubt if any I'll call them new waves were to try and rise up screaming triggered foul the same would probably be done. Hell look at all the support Aintifa and Blm got. Then look at what ones trying to stand up for simple freedoms got.

I've no clue what I'm leading up to with this. Other then there are two different groups on this planet. And one is being given examples of what would or could happen if they dare not go with the fold.

Scare tactics or not idk. Something more to be pondering for sure.

End rambling..
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