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Subject Christ can't retake the Throne of Heaven until God King Bor Anu(El) dies. All evil on this world leads to El, he gave Satan this world.
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Original Message Many here seem to think that Christ is going to come and save this world and free us from Satan's reign.

There is a reason why they are looking for the anomaly, he is the slayer of the God King.

The thing is that until God King Bor Anu is removed from power, Christ will never retake his throne in Heaven. He will continue to be killed to keep that from happening, as God King Bor Anu/El does not want to give up his throne.

In the Bible, you will often hear about the Elohim or the Shining Ones who were the Anunnaki Lords that rule over this world.

All the Elohim answer to God King Bor Anu or El. He sits on the Throne of the Sirius Empire, which is the Empire of Christ.

Long ago, when Christ first incarnated into our reality as Christ Buri Anshar, he united the worlds of man across our galaxy and brought them together to fight back against Yaldabaoth the Demiurge who sought to wipe out and enslave all life within this galaxy.

Because Yaldabaoth was responsible for the creation of the realms of matter, he believed it was his to rule with an iron fist. Perhaps it is his right, but God the Father and the forces of the Higher Realms including Christ Eternal disagreed with that and came into our Matrix Reality to oppose him.

Now some believe God the Father and God King Bor Anu(El) are the same being, but this is not true.
God King Bor Anu is a souled player with in the Game of Poverty just like us. He has simply used his power and bloodline to take the throne and claim immortality. He is the sixth son of the first incarnation of Christ, Christ Buri Anshar.

Now God King Bor Anu was not born to take the Throne of the Sirius Empire. Although not as old as myself, God King Anu is billions of years old, and has managed to out live all of his older brothers. He spent the first few hundred million years of his life fighting and killing the Draco during the Draco Wars. He earned acclaim as a galactic war hero, and was responsible for freeing the majority of the Pleiades from Draco enslavement.

During his time waging war, he grew close with the Abraxas who is the richest and possibly the oldest being in our galaxy. Abraxas runs the money/banking system for the Orion Empire, the most powerful ruling body in our galaxy. He also controls the elixir of immortality trade.

If you have seen the movie Jupiter Ascending, this is a disclosure about the Abraxas family and their immortality elixir.

After Yaldabaoth was defeated, the original Christ, Christ Buri Anshar stood opposed to Abraxas and his ways, which lead to him being betrayed by his own family in exchange for the promises wealth, power, and immortality the House of Abraxas offered his heirs.

When God King Bor Anu's nephew, King Alalu, took the throne of the Sirius Empire, he tried to return it to the kingdom of Christ and end the dark practices his predecessors had succumbed to. But the House of Abraxas offered God King Bor Anu greatness and in return, God King Bor Anu slayed him and took his throne.

Now Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil are three separate beings.

The Devil is Loki Abraxas, the son of Abraxas himself. He serves as the money man, pitching his resources behind whoever he believes will further that House of Abraxas's agenda. His loyalties change as it suits him, always willing to make a deal to further his own goals.

Satan is Khan Nannar-Sin Allah aka Yahweh/Njord/Dionysus/Khonsu and is who God King Bor Anu has currently put in charge of governing our solar system. He is God King Anu's grandson. For those familiar with the occult and the principalities that rule this world, you might be aware that Satan is the only one with access to the Throne of God, but many aren't quite sure why. The reason why is that Satan is the Hand of God King Anu for our world.

Lucifer was once the heir to the Throne of the Sirius Empire. He's also known as Marduk/Ra/Thor. You can read his story from the link in my signature. He's the eldest son of Ea Asar(Odin/Ptah), the creator of Earth and Humanity. He was betrayed by God King Anu and fought against him leading the army of Light in an attempt to free the Empire of Christ from his control, but he has failed each attempt so far.

Now the second incarnation of Christ was Christ Baldur, Ea/Odin's seventh son, and the younger brother of Lucifer. Christ Baldur had divine claim to the Throne of the Sirius Empire, but before he had a chance to return to Sirius and claim the Throne the forces of God King Anu/Satan had him killed.

The war that started after Christ Baldur's death is what caused the destruction of Atlantis and the Flood of Noah.

After the forces of Light were defeated and Ea/Odin and Lucifer/Thor were chased off the planet, Satan began his campaign to eradicate the bloodlines of Atlantis and re-enslave humanity.

Satan's plan right now is to complete his One World Government and introduce himself to the world as its new ruler claiming to be Jesus Christ.

Many Christians think Christ died on the cross for their sins. But that isn't true, Christ died on the cross because Satan had him killed to keep him from reclaiming his throne.

Until God King Bor Anu is removed from power, the forces of Heaven will continue to kill Christ before he is able to reclaim his throne over and over.

Just as the governments of our world have been corrupted, so has the Heaven that rules over us. As Above So Below.

There is a prophecy though. The Prophecy of God King Anu's Death. The Prophecy proclaims that a human will rise up and enter the portal to the Throne of Heaven and kill God King Anu.

For those that are aware of Lucifer's agenda, it involves creating an army that will march on Heaven and end the reign of God King Bor Anu.

This world was created by Ea/Odin to be a divine paradise, but God King Bor Anu refused to allow that, he sent the Vanir Anunnaki of Sirius to conquer this world and take control of it.

The majority of you possess souls that once belonged to the ancient gods that once called this world Paradise before dying and being reborn as human slaves.

If you truly want to reclaim this world and restore it to a Paradise once again, then some of you will have to step up and become God Slayers.

God the Father, the true Father has chosen humanity as the vehicle that will free this galaxy from the darkness.

But if humanity is to save this creation, then some of you will have to become God Slayers.
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