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Subject Here Are the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse
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Original Message Messages via Henri of Belgium
« on: February 24th, 2008, 5:56pm »

Message from Jesus via Henri of Belgium - Jan 12, 2008

Dominique Biot, whom Jesus mentions in Henri's messages, is Henri's male travelling-companio n in this new mission. Both have been receiving messages from Heaven for several years; and in Dec. 2007 Henri received his first public message while a poem-message of Dominique's was first sent out via internet on January 10th. Jesus told Dominique that from time to time, He will inspire him to draw from his Poem-Messages of the past.

The French messages via Henri and Dominique are presently being translated to English and will soon be available in other languages. Several people from different countries are diffusing these messages around the world via their own list and already two public messengers, having a spiritual director, have pronounced themselves in favor of the messages, as well as four priests: two from Canada, one from France and one from Africa; there is spiritual guidance as well as approval of the messages. - Rita Doucet

(Translated from French)

via Henri of Belgium

January 12, 2008


My little Henri, spend more time in My Presence. I desire that you let yourself be carried entirely by the arms of My Mother and your guardian angel Felicien who are at your side.

Your epoch reaches new heights in the rejection of God. Know, My little Henri, that if My Hand did not act, your world would be already non-existent for centuries now.

Yes, My little one, it's not Me who sends all these catastrophes to you, it's you who self-destroy youselves by your submissiveness to evil and your rejection of God.

Understand that I am only LOVE and that LOVE loves infinitely. But true Love, corrects and reprimands the child who, if he continues, heads straight toward perdition.

My little Henri, what joy to see your journey advance by leaps and bounds by your yes. All is foreseen since time immemorial and I await only your "yes" and your continued conversion. Don't spend a moment without me; your heart rests in Mine.

See how your travelling-companio n is also committing himself to this journey which I anticipate for him. His heart burns with Love. He is My little Dominique and since your birth I have prepared you for this journey which opens itself and begins.

Many things must still happen but your dispath, by your yes and total abandonment, sounded the beginning of the great walk toward the new era.

Yes Henri, you will advance similarly each in your own missions before reuniting. You will advance as the two witnesses of the Apocalypse. Thank you for your total abandonment to the Divine Will.

Be small and humble. Others will join you and will soon help you; already many hearts feel that times are imminent and that the time has arrived to get under way and to make the choice now, before the events prevent you.

This is why, My little Henri, write this to My tiny slumbering remnant:

My beloved children, My little ones, what do you do with your days?! Am I in your heart? Do you know me? Do you meet me in the Eucharist? Today My little ones, I need your yes, your absolute yes.

It's a matter of getting under way and following Me, now! Don't put off your conversion to tomorrow! Tomorrow, My children? But why are you so sure that you will see tomorrow? How many will be called back today and will face Me for a final judgment... Oh My beloved ones, convert yourself, keep your lamps lit

Pray, pray, pray! Ask for the graces necessary, speak to Me! Do not be afraid. Never will I force you, My little ones; I will always respect your free will. That is why, I urge you to avoid unwholesome places that will cause you to reject Me and to be separated from Me. But seek the signs which have been given to you; pray and you will see that I will always answer you.

The Time is so near, My little ones, that My tears flow unceasingly, to see what madness you are plunging yourself into. You want your freedom, My little ones, but you are chained to your everyday life. You can no longer give Me one minute of your time. Is this your freedom?

I call you to conversion! Again and always and this message is unceasingly repeated by My Mother everywhere in the world. But what are you waiting for to commit yourself? You await the events... You predict... You doubt... My little ones, change your heart that your conversion may be an act of love.

You are presently living in the Times predicted centuries ago -- terrible times due to the lack of faith and terrible acts committed against God. But also times when numerous signs, miracles and healings are given to you.

That is why, let us advance still a little more, My little Henri. Many of My children are tested at the moment and this in many ways. For some it is by financial difficulties, others by the absence of work, an illness, family difficulties or even their faith is put to the test; others know separation to the point of being taken for fools...

But My children who diffuse and receive the messages are also put to the test. Often some reject the messages thinking that their action is just, that they are making an act of faith...

My children, do not worry about all this because it is necessary that all this happens. You are thus being put through the purification in order to get you ready for when the events will swoop down on the world.

Yes, My little ones, for these events are extremely close! I've been repeating this for years! You will retort that these imminent events will only happen in a few years. No, My children! Examine your heart; speak to Me!

Where do you think I am? Each day, at every moment, I am at the door of your hearts and I knock unceasingly at its door. Answer Me, have this constant dialogue with me!

The hour of your choice is imminent! For in a few days now (His time) a warning will awaken My little children! If you are not ready, this event will shatter you; you will panic. Retain faith and confidence! For this powerful awakening will cause chaos everywhere and will get you started on your journey.

Yes, it is the hour of the great tribulation and much hardship awaits you this year. My people of America will have much to suffer. Oh France, your kiss of Judas makes me suffer terribly and your act will plunge the world in complete darkness.

Oh My Pope, when you'll proclaim My Mother Co-Redemptrix and Avocate, this great sign will assemble My little remnant and will reveal to all the fury of the enemy. Your wait is not long any more, My children; in a few days you will awaken and your situation will have changed. The world will no longer be the same.

That is why, it's important to prepare yourself today and to help one another, to live in small faithful communities loyal to the Pope.

I invite you today, on this day and week, to pray particularly for My tiny jnsr. She always remains discreet and humble; she is My beloved child. Her mission is a total gift of herself, and it is due to her obedience and total submission to the Divine Will that My message could be diffused worldwide. Today the Crosses of Love have spread all over the world. Be Crosses of Love also, My children; if you cannot have one at your home, build them in your heart.

My little ones, I love you and I bless you. Make this effort to pray with your heart. Amen.

February 24th, 2008, 5:55pm
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