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Subject The 'Vaccine is Good' Explanation That Makes Sense
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Original Message One of the biggest points of confusion and frustration is the apparent endorsement of the vaccine by individuals/organizations we expect to have our best interests in mind. Namely, I'm speaking of Trump and the US military.

Yes, I know the military does a LOT wrong: but we do expect them to protect Americans from genocide by vax.

Well there's an explanation for why it might not be wrong of Trump to hail the vaccine - and Operation Warpspeed - as his greatest achievement.

Here it is: the vaccine was made for a virus that doesn't yet exist.


No, I don't mean that covid isn't real or that the vaccine isn't targeted against SARS-CoV-2.

What I mean is - what if this was all a trial run by the CCP/bad actors and Operation Warpspeed is our proof of defensive concept?

The truth is, bioweapons are the new nuclear weapons. Except they're even better in every way.

- They're easier to produce from a technical and risk perspective
- They allow the targeting of specific genomes, leaving cities intact and your enemy exterminated
- They provide plausible deniability


If the CCP/bad actors ever intended to use a deadly virus, they would need to trial it first. What countermeasures would the US use? How could they spread it to enemy countries quickly while limiting spread in friendly countries? What are the technical results and revised goals (R0, IFR, number and speed of mutations, effective/ineffective mitigation, etc.)?

Like the need to test nuclear weapons before deploying, these questions must be answered before full-scale, deadly use.


Hence the relatively inert SARS-CoV-2.

So now we're back to Operation Warpspeed...

The number 1 deterrent to a biological attack is the REAL ability to quickly develop an antidote and distribute it widely.

Here are some things that may make more sense in this context:
1) mRNA therapy, which is relatively easily 'programmable' is critical to the defensive response
2) Collateral damage, sadly, is an acceptable loss if it prevents a truly deadly attack from occurring
3) The lockdowns, lies, and propaganda from even conservative leaders and sources is more acceptable or understandable

To finish, I'll simply ask you, a free-thinker here on GLP, to consider the last 2 years in the context of a trial run. A trial run of grave severity, but trial nonetheless.

What else can we view in a new light?
What implications does this explanation have for the future?
If this was a test, did we pass?

Thank you for reading.


On a more personal note, this is not at all an excuse from me for what has happened. I have not taken the vaccine, nor will I, even if that means loss of career or imprisonment. I speak out against the vaccine any chance I get with friends, family, and coworkers.

The way I think about this is from a Biblical lens: what man (CCP, deep state, tyrants, media) meant for evil, God meant for good.

I do think there are multiple layers to this. So, for example, I don't think that every lockdown/vaccine advocate was one of the 'good guys'. I believe that they also used this opportunity to swing the election from Trump to Biden in a number of ways.

I hope the future brings clarity to this all, but what's exciting is that *WE* are the tip of the spear in unraveling the truth.

Cheers friends,

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