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Subject Gonzalo Lira: China will attack us when we least expect it (right now) and here is how they will fight and win such a war
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Original Message "If I were China, watching Pelosi’s plane cross the Pacific, this is what I would be thinking.

The Americans want a war with me. They will keep provoking and provoking me until I react.

Therefore, I should strike when the US least expects it — which would be right now.

If I’m China, then I would sink the USS Ronald Reagan and simultaneously hit the US bases in Japan, Guam, and everywhere else within range of my missiles — including Hawaii.

I hit the US bases — and I hit them with absolutely everything I’ve got short of nuclear weapons.

I know that the US depends on me, China, for just about everything in their economy. So I completely cut them out. Zero trade, effective immediately.

I tell my people that we are in an existential war with the Americans — it’s us or them.

I declare martial law, and I make it clear to all of my neighbors — especially Vietnam and India — that I have no intention of messing with them either militarily or economically. I make it clear that this is strictly a US/China thing.

I also cut off Europe — trade, loans, everything. I declare that Western Europe is America’s poodle, and China will treat it as such.

I also dump all Treasury bonds. I deliberately underprice them, with the open and declared intent of breaking the US bond market.

I tell Japan to declare neutrality, or else I will rain fire on all its cities.

I declare a no-fly zone and no-ship zone within 500 km of Taiwan. I enforce this blockade ruthlessly, and indefinitely. I will end the blockade only when Taiwan surrenders unconditionally.

I do NOT invade Taiwan.

During all of this, I keep on attacking every single American military asset in the Pacific.

I also target any Australian military asset that leaves Australian territory. I tell Australia that I will cut them off too if they remain allied to the US.

If China hits the US hard enough and fast enough, and deliberately refrains from invading Taiwan while insisting that every other nation remain neutral, China will win.

The rest of the world needs China — and hates the US. And the rest of the world does NOT need the US.

The US is militarily a paper tiger. It does not produce anything that the rest of the world cannot live without. The US is bankrupt. The rest of the world hates America and wants to see it humbled. China is now strong enough to hit the US hard.

Furthermore, at this time, the US is not prepared for a war — that’s why right now would be the perfect time to strike.

Now the million dollar question: What would the United States do in response to such a surprise attack?

Nothing — because they can’t.

America’s industrial base is completely hollow. It would be at least five years before the US could have the economic wherewithal to launch a war against China.

And even if they could do it, what would they do — invade mainland China? That’s absurd.

China is in the driver’s seat. If China in one go wipes out all military assets of the Americans in the Pacific and the South China Sea — then breaks the US economy, as they can — that’s it, it’s game over. And there would be nothing that the US could realistically do.

The US economy would literally disintegrate, even as the political chaos of such a catastrophe would cause the kind of internal instability not seen since the Civil War.

The American Empire—the Empire of Lies—is a literal house of cards. And I bet the Chinese know it."

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