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Subject Did anyone find GLP because of the covid scamdemic?
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Original Message Doing research led you here? And you didn't get the vaccine?

I have a hypothesis that despite any help I got from the Lord through GLP that I didnt need it even though thats where I got it from sometimes. I'm too tired of being frustrated for all the ways in which Jesus allows this world and people to be so evil and corrupt that I'm ready to get rid of my phones and email and ID and just get everything I need from him without them, plus more satisfaction in relying upon him all the more. There's nothing he can't share with me to help me, there no reason for me to think my help comes from him through anything in particular. Tired of the same routines, and I know he's kept people from the vaxx by his power and not by any outside info regardless of how it may have helped. I'm looking for this one reason to replace my phone usage, and whatever it is I do with it, with him again. I guess this means that's what he wants and I'm now responsing to it becauee I'm ready to. I'm dissatisfied with everything but him, so I'm wondering why hold onto anything anymore except him. I know I'll be glad, so if you didnt get the vaxx and found GLP after the global hoax in order to commit global genocide let me know, and Jesus blessed and blesses you.

We all need to be encouraged from time to time and there's nothing that can stop him from encouraging us. Even his lost sheep who are cold towards him, turned their back on him for worldliness he will send his messengers to them to repent, so everything but his will seems so tiresome and pointless. I'm grateful for everything that helped get me to this point, but time to sever ties with much needless things, relationships, choices. Maybe even this will inspire and encourage someone for the better as well, but there's nothing else like having nothing else but Jesus.
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