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Subject New evidence shows US worked to genetically engineer COVID as a means of Chinese population control!!!
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Original Message New evidence from whistleblower named "Deasei-Z" shows that a major US pharmaceutical drug company was commissioned by US deep state operatives to develop a genetically engineered super-virus which would kill off a substantial portion of the Chinese population.

This action was thought necessary to due to the rising military threat of China, whose industrial capabilities are now so great, that China is now able to put together a hypersonic nuclear missile arsenal larger and more sophisticated that US technology.

Deasei-Z explains that analysis 4 years ago suggested China was planning a nuclear silo building program, and this was the event which triggered the SARS-CoV-2 super-virus project. This analysis turned out to be true, as we now know China is building over 200 new nuclear silos (you can Google this).

The US knows it cannot compete with the industrial might of China in the speed of building warheads. In China, they build whole skyscrapers in a matter of months, so you can imagine what happens when they turn their high speed production capabilities to making nuclear weapons.

So the US deep state (which has its origins in the Illuminati, and is America's real government, not the puppets they put in the White House), are highly concerned with China's sudden expansion of its nuclear missile arsenal.

The deep state of course want to keep America as the world's premier nation, and so this pre-emptive biological strike on China was devised as a counter measure to the nuclear expansion.

Deasei-Z said the super-virus was designed to selectively target Chinese people (by working on certain genetic SNP alleles only present in the Chinese); but unexpected viral mutations that occurred early on after its release in Wuhan, allowed the virus to later jump into non-Chinese populations, creating an unplanned global pandemic.

These early mutations also (fortunately) weakened the virus and reduced the kill rate, which was originally engineered to be over 70% mortality (they planned to reduce the 1.4 billion Chinese population to around 400 million, which is more comparable to the US population, leveling up the two countries).

Wuhan was chosen for the release, as this is a major city bang in the middle of China, so it was considered a good place for the epicenter.

Deasei-Z just put the info online, though she says the authorities are after her, and the whole US security services are trying to silence her.

See her website: [link to deaseizedsites.net]

Deasei-Z claims that deep state operatives applied mind control techniques on all the scientists working within the super-virus project. These are brainwashing techniques developed decades ago in the MK Ultra program, which would prevent the researchers from ever remembering or talking about their work.

She says using an MK Ultra deep hypnosis technique that involved microwaves, all the research work the super-virus team conducted remained in a sealed off part of their brains, and that area of the brain was only switched on by trigger words, and intriguingly, by certain trigger smells.

So while they worked on the secret SARS-CoV-2 virus project, the triggers were used to activate the sealed off brain area. But without these triggers, the scientists were unable to remember anything.

She believes this MK Ultra hypnosis technique is likely normally completely effective and totally "leakproof". But in her case, she experienced a stroke, which changed the blood flow and functioning of her brain, and somehow this brought all the hidden memories of her research work back into consciousness. The stroke also partially paralysed the left side of her face, which you can see in her video on the above site.

She comes across as a very moral person who was shocked to the core to discover all these secret memories in her own mind, and to discover she was an unwitting participant in such an immoral genocidal project.

She says she thinks the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the worst planned biological genocide since European colonists in America gave American Indians smallpox-infected blankets, to kill of the entire race of Amerindians.
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