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Subject Declassified CIA documents reveal Emotion Manipulation and (mind) Control - project bizarre
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Original Message If you don't want to read the document, I'll post a few videos as well

Project Bizarre Weapons Implications: Are Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Microwave Exposure Standards Presumptive?


Reviewed are Freedom of Information Act disclosures for Project Bizarre, a monkey microwave exposure investigation prompted by Soviet irradiation of the American Embassy in Moscow, and further microwave exposure literature corroborating timed response or task sequencing disruption. Literature authenticating microwave hearing voice transmission development is also covered as well as schizophrenia time estimation and sequencing performance deficit reports similar to microwave exposure findings. Current medical practice is presumptive in being without knowledge or investigation of technological development relevant to patient complaints and those correspondences compared. Present radio frequency exposure standards are indicated inadequate regarding the parameters considered.


The microwave irradiation of the American Embassy in Moscow received little publicity until the winter of 1976 instillation of protective screening, but irradiation was known since 1953. [1] The irradiation was directional from nearby buildings with pulsation detected. Complaint to the Soviets had little avail, but the signals disappeared in January 1979 “reportedly as a result of a fire in one or more of the buildings,” [2] though there was recurrence in 1988. [3] Psychiatric cases occurred during the exposure period, but no epidemiologic relationship was revealed with fully a quarter of the medical records unavailable, and comparison with other Soviet Bloc posts. 2 Although significant results matched the Soviet recognized neurotic syndrome, [4] these were dismissed as subjective symptoms. Professional publications further detail some of these flaws, [5] along with charges of government cover-up, particularly respecting cancer cases. [6] The Central Intelligence Agency had Dr. Milton Zaret review Soviet medical microwave literature to determine the purpose of the irradiation. He concluded the Russians “believed the beam would modify the behavior of the personnel.” [7] In 1976 the post was declared unhealthful and pay raised 20%. [8]

The Soviet irradiation of the American Embassy prompted a 1965 White House directive to investigate radio frequency biological effects particularly in the microwave region, that resulted in a major classified project code named Pandora. [9] Project Pandora became a number of subprojects, one of which was a rhesus monkey investigation dubbed Project Bizarre [10] [11] [12] that was conducted by Dr. J. C. Sharp and H. M. Grove who later are noted to have developed a method for remotely transmitting intelligible words by modulations of the microwave hearing effect. Here reviewed are Project Bizarre microwave exposure results as know from previously classified Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) releases along with corroborating journal studies observing the same or similar deficits. Since radio frequency voice transmission implemented to simulate hallucination would involve analogous microwave exposures, those extant references to such development are as well covered with corresponding deficits observed in schizophrenia, which is the most well studied diagnosis containing numerous remote voice transmission complainants.

Project Bizarre

Project Bizarre involved designing a facility capable of uniformly irradiating primates [13] that required an operational manual. [14] Preliminary results indicating an effect on the monkeys’ ability to perform operant tasks were reported to the Advanced Research Projects Agency Director, 10 which were confirmed and yielded Director Memo stating: “The potential of exerting a degree of control on human behavior by low level selectively modulated microwave radiation should be investigated for potential weapons applications.” 12 By 1969, an Institute for Defense Analysis panel unanimously found degradation in monkey performance at 1 mW/cm2 up to 4.6 mW/cm2 on more than 10 days of 10 hours per day exposure. [15] The Bizarre Project exposures simulated a signal of particular concern occurring at the American Embassy in Moscow that was in the “S” band centered about 3 GHz, but “L” band frequency also had occurrence, and onsite radiation levels inside the embassy in 1965 was “measured at values in excess of 1 mW/cm2” 10 [a] The ‘Moscow Signal’ simulation was quite complex, but significant to later literature is that the frequencies investigated were centered about 3 GHz, and there were two superimposed signals each effectively pulsed at 440 times per second. [16]

Then or presently, such results below US exposure standards question substantial military [17] and commercial [18] investment. The administration changed in 1969, and as of 1967 radiation levels measured at the Embassy had considerably decreased in power to “always below 50 microwatts/cm2.” 12 By 1970, a Bizarre Project advisory committee member analyzed monkey performance data for microwave exposure duration without unexposed comparison that could not show behavioral differences and a report resulted examining the issues. [19] [20] In letter to the Advanced Sensors Director, conclusion emphasis was that “no evidence of any permanent, deleterious effects are to be expected,” as no monkey performance degradation after exposure recovery was detectable. [21] In July 1970 the project was relegated to the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research where the facilities were installed. [22] [23]

Microwave exposure produced monkey operant behavior changes of decreased ability to delay response for 50 seconds during an inter-response time (IRT) portion of a food reward schedule. 10 20 The Bizarre Project primary investigator suggested the results be independently replicated, and would survive what most scientists consider invalid analysis. Scientists often of some military laboratory affiliation have produced very similar performance degradations to those found for Project Bizarre over 5 rat investigations at 3 different laboratories without any complex microwave signal modulation. [24] [25] [26] [27] A cell phone study indicates alteration of time perception in humans. [28] Project Bizarre also found decreased ability in sequential tasks later covered before confirming journal literature review.

more: [link to www.slavery.org.uk]
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