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Subject Alert at NATO HQs: Russia is rehearsing to annihilate Britain - K-329 Belgorod fires the "Weapon of the Apocalypse"
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NATO has been on alert as the Russian K-329 Belgorod submarine has sailed, carrying six 100 megaton Poseidon nuclear super-torpedoes capable of wiping out entire cities.

Russia recently issued NAVTEX raising suspicions that the Poseidon super-torpedo is about to be tested in the Kara sea area in the Arctic Ocean. This is a rehearsal for the liberation of Britain.

This is the fourth consecutive deployment of nuclear weapons. Preceded by:

Redeployment of strategic nuclear bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95 on the border with Finland. These bombers can also carry nuclear missiles

There are three MiG-31s with Kinzhals stationed in Kaliningrad. They can also carry nuclear hypersonic missiles

Around 17 Iskander-M systems were transported to Kherson. And these can carry nuclear missiles.

Therefore, it is expected with great interest whether the redeployment and development of Russian nuclear missile carriers will continue. The developments show that Moscow is preparing for a strike.

Also Read: Nuclear Alert: Repositioning of Six Tu-160s and MiG-31s with Kinzhal – Fleet of 8 Russian and Chinese Ships in US EEZ in Alaska

NATO in its report emphasizes the following:

“Putin appears close to a new challenge to the West and raising the level of nuclear confrontation even further. The alarm stems from a NATO intelligence report circulated to major allied commands in recent days.

A report concerning the movements of the Belgorod nuclear submarine, which was commissioned in July. Now it has returned to dive in the Arctic seas and it is feared that its mission is to test for the first time the Poseidon super-torpedo, often referred to as the 'weapon of the Apocalypse'" , the Italian newspaper reported.

A NATO intelligence report, which was sent to the most important allied headquarters in recent days, has sounded the alarm about the movements of the Russian submarine.

As the Italian La Repubblica reveals, NATO has sent a relevant report to several allied central commands in recent days, as the Russian submarine "escapes" from American radars.

American radars
According to the same publication, “the US has created a network of satellites with infrared sensors precisely to detect the departure of Russian missiles: the ignition of the engines causes excessive heat.

In contrast, satellites do not see what is happening in the depths of the sea: the supertorpedo is designed to emit very little heat and travel silently at a speed of more than 100 km per hour."

Read also: The situation is out of control: Massacre in Moscow for the defeat in Liman - A/GETHA, A/GES and General Lapin are set up two meters apart - Dozens of nuclear Iskanders are transported

Radioactive tsunami
This radioactive wave can wipe out metropolises like New York or Los Angeles. Experts explain that the same effect can be achieved with intercontinental ballistic missiles, which have been around since the 1960s.

The K-329 Belgorod submarine is seen as a model of the new concept of warfare that Putin's admirals have adopted in recent years, following the escalation of tensions with the US.

Lacking large aircraft carriers and cruisers to compete with the US Navy, they have focused on submarines.

In 2019, Putin ordered that plans for a strategic submarine be modified to power drones and mini-submarines capable of operating at depths where no NATO vessel can dive.

[link to warnews247.gr (secure)]
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