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Subject I hate virtue signalling with a passion
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Original Message It's tyrannical and completely useless

The worst enemy - plastic straws, yeah, let's drink from a paper one which starts disintegrating within 2 minutes, or worse a metal one, which feels like putting a crack pipe in your mouth

What's next?

The stupid "ECO" marketing. What is it? Using unpainted wood and paper. Wow, you just saved the planet, fucktard. It's just a design trend, it has nothing to do with ecology, it will be substituted by a new fashion in a few years, but the fucktards will feel like they are saving the planet in the meantime.

The annoying celebrities pretending like they're heavenly creatures who never said the F word in their lives. We know who you really are - alcohol-drinking, crack-smoking abusers and leeches. Get fcked.

And the worst of all - companies. Big fucking corporations, who only care about profits, now they want to look like their shit don't stink and they don't do it for the money, but for some moral cause. LOL, who believes this shit?

I'll tell you who is to blame, it's the NORMALFAGS, a.k.a. regular bread-munching people, who know they are evil fucks deep down inside, so they need to support this fake-ass morality so that they feel better about themselves of 5 minutes.

Get fucked.

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