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Subject Biden's Incompetent Swap Explained: The Brittney Griner Swap (Non-Bigoted Rational Argumentation)
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Original Message The swap of Brittney Griner for Russia's Viktor Bout is a lopsided trade. Victor Bout has real strategic value for Russia and a sports person simply does not have the same strategic value for the United States.

A terrible precedent has been set because it sends a message to America's adversaries: that even a low level operative, or a person who is not even an operative at all (as in Griner's case), and with very little strategic bargaining chip value can be bartered against a true high value asset held by the United States: such as Viktor Bout. This swap is beyond incompetent and beyond normal range of stupid. It sends the message that you don't need to even take captive a true high valued asset, a true operative, and even some idiot boy band pop star (with some planted drug evidence, or real drugs, etc) can be bargained for a high level asset in return. This is patently beyond stupid.

The intention is to not break down into the usual bigotted arguments about lifestyle and ethnicity. It is very logical: trade a high level CIA operative for a Russian operative as Victor Bout and it is a fair trade. Trade a sports personality for Viktor Bout, it is not a good deal at all.

One reason the United States is willing to do these lopsided deals is that the administration believes it is good publicity: they are "Bringing an American Home" but the Republicans will likely roast Biden on the release of a dangerous arms dealer who can cause great destruction to American interests and the swap will likely backfire both politically and strategically.

The US will raise hell if an American is detained abroad even if they did something patently stupid such as tear down a propaganda poster in the world's most repressive country (North Korea) or go there in the very first place.
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