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Subject I didn't have $5 for a sixpack of Hamm's beer, so I bought two 25oz cans of King Kobra malt liquor for $3 instead
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Original Message I'm so poor and depressed and hopeless..I didn't spend it on food, because what's the point? If you can't even afford anything worthwhile and nutritious..might as well numb the pain for an evening instead.

I have a plastic jar of $2.29 Great Value peanuts from Walmart to get me through the night. And a half bag of $1 Clover Valley potato chips I got from DG.

Also, to add to my insult of existence..this Winter I'm able to daily rake dandruff off my scalp with a comb..my cold feet sweat in the house while I'm only wearing socks..and when I wipe anymore, it always breaks off and I end up wiping at least 5 times, before I give up and clean it with a half of a wet paper towel instead. Poor diet is the cause, I'm sure. Also, I expect my urine to smell like Cheerios this evening from the malt liquor, but oh well.

So if you're struggling tonight, be glad you're not me. I'll probably be a good candidate for govt sponsored euthanasia in a few years, if I'm still alive by then, that is.

I'm a good guy, have always treated others with respect and how I'd like to be treated. But now I'm almost 50 and gross in every way, and my good years are definitely behind me for good.

I don't even care anymore. It just is what it is. I'm down too far to ever make any feasible, significant change in my life. And every year they make it even harder for people like me to do so.

Go ahead and let me have it, or tell me how pathetic I am. I've stopped caring what other people think, and thought my fetid evening might provide some of you some darkly comic relief.
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