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Subject December 25 is the 'Return of the Light' - Jesus was born on April 17, 6 BC - It's encoded in July 4, 1776
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Original Message Today, 12/21/22, is the winter solstice - the shortest day of the year. It took the ancients three or four days with their crude instruments to determine the days were getting longer. Therefore, December 25 is the "Return of the Light". The early Christians didn't know Jesus' Birthday so they appropriated the "Return of the Light" 4 days after winter solstice and 7 days before New Year's Day. The combination of 7 & 4 was seen in the heavens and considered sacred. GOD=GOOD=7_4 Theory. Jesus is often symbolically referred to as "The Light".

Permit me to enlighten everyone...

In 1119-28, the Knights Templar excavated the Temple Mount. They discovered some incredibly important scrolls! One was a Royal Wedding Certificate between John the Baptist (b 11/12/7 BC) and Mary Magdalen (b 5/8/2 BC). They had a son the Apostle John (b 12 AD). They found another Royal Wedding Certificate between Rabbi Jesus son of Joseph (b 4/17/6 BC) and Magdalen with Jesus adopting the Apostle John as his stepson. This explains how Magdalen and John were at the foot of the Cross - the Romans only allowed immediate family that 'privilege'.

Through oral transmission only, this information was passed on through the centuries eventually to the Freemasons who encoded it in some very important ways, i.e. July 4, 1776 where the 7 is doubled. In 1776, July 4th on the Hebrew Calendar was 17 Tammuz - the 4th month. Benjamin Franklin died on 4/17/1790 and George Washington died on 12/14/1799.

GOD=GOOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April 30 AD: Good Friday(74) when Jesus(74=J10+E5+S19+U21+S19) was nailed on(74) the Cross(74=C3+R18+O15+S19+S19).
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