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Subject fake news: China Claims Zero COVID Deaths as Hearses Line Up at Crematoriums, Hospital and Funeral charging for fast service
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Original Message Even as Chinese citizens mourn their loved ones and hearses pile up outside overworked crematoriums, the Chinese Communist government claimed there were absolutely zero fatalities from Chinese coronavirus on Tuesday.

Communist officials retracted one of only seven deaths they have admitted to over the past two weeks.

Reuters on Wednesday wondered what the authoritarian regime hopes to accomplish by apparently lying so extravagantly since the evidence of surging coronavirus infections and deaths is everywhere: hospitals sending out distress signals as treatment rooms fill and staffers report in sick, pharmacies depleted of cold medicine, mourners crammed into funeral parlors to say their final farewells, lines of over 40 hearses queued up at a Beijing crematorium reportedly dedicated to coronavirus deaths.

Although it could not verify the claim, Reuters quoted a funeral home worker who said families are paying extravagant fees for “speedy arrangement of hearses” and “no queue for cremation.”

capitalism alive an well in CHINA?

Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Tuesday reported Chinese hospitals are “panic-buying” ventilators and ICU equipment to handle surging coronavirus cases. Publicly-available data showed hospitals everywhere in China scrambling for equipment, with heavy concentrations of desperation in Beijing and big northern cities.

A former Chinese healthcare journalist who fearfully requested anonymity told RFA part of the problem was “top-down allocation of anti-Covid funds” that has focused on building quarantine facilities and mass testing centers, rather than equipping hospitals to provide treatment, while local governments were drained of funds for their own hospitals.

Much like the funeral parlor that spoke to RFA, the healthcare journalist said Chinese hospitals are now charging special fees for quicker service.
capitalism again

“I am scrambling to try to source ventilators for people who are seriously ill and need them. It’s a shame that so much of our manpower, material resources, time and money were spent on lockdowns, keeping people quiet and building so many quarantine camps, which have now all been scrapped,” a city health official in Chongqing told RFA.

Another source in the Chinese medical profession accused the government of pouring so much money into gigantic coronavirus testing programs because well-connected businessmen made big profits selling all that test equipment.

“Someone has to take the blame for this. I guess they’ll arrest a bunch of people. The way things are in China, the leaders can’t admit they were wrong,” the medical professional sighed.

And yet, according to the Chinese government, a grand total of six people have died since “zero-Covid” lockdown policies were relaxed about two weeks ago, and all of them were in Beijing.

[link to www.breitbart.com (secure)]
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