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Subject China's goal in the information warfare of the "post-truth era": control the narrative
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Original Message China unveils a surprising new weapon in its information war against the West

...prominent Chinese political scientist Yuan Peng wrote: “It no longer matters what is true or false – what matters is who controls the discourse.”

The expert was referring to media pressure to discredit China, but in fact he identified one of the main features of our time – which could be called the ‘post-truth era’, when public opinion is shaped not by facts but by emotions.

Those who can guide these feelings in the right direction are the ones who shape the information agenda. The emotions that are generated have become the ‘discourse’.

...This is when it became clear to Beijing that what matters is not what is actually happening, but how it is reported on the internet.

...“Whoever controls the discourse controls the power,” Chinese intellectuals began to write...

...According to its findings, struggles around discourse are part of the hybrid confrontation that is already taking place on a global scale....

...As a result, an alternative discursive reality to the West will gradually be created and most countries of the world will find themselves in the horns of a dilemma in choosing which point of view to adopt. Most importantly, ‘discursive power’ in Chinese interpretations is not limited to the written word – technological, financial and managerial standards are also part of it. Which, of course, means a new divide awaits the planet.

Such is the wondrous new world – the world of post-truth and ‘discursive multipolarity.’

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]
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