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Original Message Well said.

Robin Monotti:
Is it time for the truth movement to include an anti-war message in our demos and protests? As you have seen a few posts earlier, the German Foreign Minister has said that Europe is at war with Russia. I don't agree, the oligarchy is at war with each other, and it has nothing to do with us. Of course, the end result is always the same: stealing public money for the weapons industry, and depopulation of the working classes who are sent to fight or maneuvre these laughable Western tanks heading towards certain total destruction.

None of this is in my name, and I would imagine none of this is done in your name either. I think our message needs to expand quickly to a peace message as well. It's us they will defraud through war as usual, it's us who need to oppose it.

Don't get bogged down in endless distractions on who started the war, and who is in the right or in the wrong, and whether both sides are WEF or UN or WHO. That does not matter, they will defraud us anyway, and try and control if not kill us all anyway. That's all theatre for the masses whether one side is worse than the other. We can have different opinions on that, it still doesn't really matter. The reality is that they want to defraud us, deopoulate us, and to bankrupt our economies so they can "save" them with the Central Bank Digital Currencies which are designed to digitally enslave us and control all our expenditures remotely by the psycopathic oligarchy. War is the perfect way to do this, after the "pandemic".

I say: THIS IS NOT MY WAR. If the oligarchs and the politicans like it so much, let them go and fight it themselves. No to sending weapons and tanks to any side. No to participation in war. Yes to peace, yes to negotiations.”
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