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Subject I think I get it now... A whole generation has sprung since 911...
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Original Message They had no idea how good everything used to be.

The music, the movies, the TV...

Everyone put in genuine effort and there was heart and talent in the arts. Things were more complete and modest.

Since about 2004 is when I recall, everything has become extremely centered around selfishness and ego. Around violence, sex especially deviancy and whoredom/philandering, drugs, escapism and worse...

Every child born around 911 is now over 21 years of age.

They can buy alcohol, they are in the military, they're becoming educators and doctors... But the thing is they were raised under a nihilistic and self serving mentality. Morality and principles seem to be all but gone now.

So what do they have to lose?

Why SHOULD they care?

That's what I see in "Z" is generally apathy and nihilism.

And now they're in all of these integral parts of a functioning society spreading like a virus that cannot be fixed...

There's a lot of micro and macro synchronicity occurring in the literal virus and vaccine as well as the virus of a collapsing society due to cultural degradation.


So we ARE in a pre-renaissance era!

Complete and utter collapse, destruction and war usually come of what I'm describing. People keep swearing up and down or hoping that it will not happen. I've never understood that mindset of "it won't happen."

Did that come from the generation "X" period? That's who I usually hear say that in my experience.

But it IS happening!

Sorry to burst your bubble but you cannot deny what is right in front of you.

But what to do?

Is this a message of hope?

No... It's a realistic dialogue about where we should probably start focusing our attention right now.

We need to focus on collectibles and commodities. On art and assets that you could truly use to survive. Things that do not require value monetarily but provide a true function forever.

What I meant by collectibles, don't be a hoarder! But have a single tote at least documenting our society. I personally saved everything I was into like videogames, systems, all of their pristine original packaging and manuals, toys, art, books... Quite a lot actually, but still under 100lbs.

Also if you are inclined, please please write something down! Do a biography or just document things around you.

I think previous civilizations had something similar by the way of communication and technology but it is lost to history.

Even a 55" plus flat screen tv, our cars, our buildings; they all break down relatively quickly!

So here we are... In the middle of an existential reckoning.
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