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Subject Is it all real. I feel I am on the wrong side of history. I’m British but the ideals of my institutions and government are counter to what I am
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Original Message Since 1972 and Nixon’s visit to China the west has slowly given itself to the east. My belief is Nixon signed some sort of 50 year surrender deal.

Since 1972 the left has slowly eroded society with their sick agendas. Society in the west has been divided. Nationalism is dying. They have turned the west in a modern day sodom and gamorrah.

In todays world of propaganda, fake news and in the interest of national security it really is hard to determine what is real, what is scripted and what is pure fairytale.

Since Obama it does seem that a ‘war’ on traditional western values has intensified. It came as no surprise that he has been lifelong friends with Bill Gates.

Now I love a conspiracy and I’ve been down some serious rabbit holes and discovered some extremely alarming secrets of the world. It’s always been our job to piece things together. I have my belief of what is occurring now. I do believe we are watching our demise in real-time. I now look at each major war especially those referred to as world wars and see the same depopulation and destruct to rebuild that seems to be playing out right now. Our own governments seem against the white indigenous populations of western countries. On one hand they side with our enemies yet to the camera they are sworn enemies. Something doesn’t add up. Are we really being genocided and actively participating in it. Is the vaccine suppose to wipe us out and this ‘war’ is about covering it up.

Is Russia and Putin really standing up against the One World Government - but surely China was the one who was to benefit the lost from a one world government - so why would they publicly step up now. Maybe COVID was a biological attack - if so was our government really in on it or was it the first strike.

I think about Bill Gates. This world has always been run by the ‘architects’. Now whether this is a birth right or a group of otherworldly entities or simply the most secret of clubs. Technocracy seems to have a firm grip on our destiny. Climate agenda, food suppression and dystopian ideologies all seem to be targeted at our way of life. COVID was blown completely out of proportion. The lies of denials since have been horrifying to those that actually have a memory. We are watching these murderous leaders swan off into the sunset without the need to even answer a question. Now I never use to believe our leaders could be so callous until you start realising what and how these so called treaties are. These supersede national sovereignty. They don’t have oversight. We are signed up to ‘green treaties’ that basically halt our evolution. It’s the strict timelines. Yes maybe over the next 50/60 years we can transition to an all electric society, but in the next 10 years. Bill Gates drives these ideals. His technology has corrupted our society. His technology allows the brain washing of minor no bodies actually influencing our greatest generations. These use a combination of tv/social media/computer gaming/fashion to create the idols of tomorrow. These halfwits are apparently on a par with god himself according to our young.

To me it feels that all their pieces are in place and we are going to die. And death will come in many different forms and from many directions. But then I drive through this world looking at all the people still going about their daily business like nothing is happening and I just think maybe it’s me that has cracked up. Maybe conspiracists really don’t see reality.

We need a serious discussion about it all. If it is depopulation - is it foretold. Is it just an elite who believe this world is theirs and we really are useless eaters. Are we all just a bunch of paranoid delusionists.
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