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Subject Gen. Vallely, creator of Delta PSYOPS, admits would conspire a military coup [2013]
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Original Message Vallely was a part of OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING with NSA agent Colonel Riley which was the BETA test for the 6th.

[link to www.splcenter.org (secure)]

U.S. Army Major General Paul E. Valley Co-authored the internal government paper titled "From PYSOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory" with Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino; the top member in the church of Satan and founder of the the Church of Set (his "evolved satanist church") who authored the psychological military strategy titled "Mind War." Mind War uses Homo Electromagneticus (natural EMF fields of the body), Brainwave resonance (BWR), Magnetism (transcranial magnetic stimulation & magnetic reconnection portals), Chronobiology (circadian rhythm), Proxemics (social distance), Atmospheric Ionization (ionization by artificial means as weather modification and cloud seeding), Color, Shapes, Hypnotism, Martial Artistry (martial arts), Fields (magnetic fields external to human body), Magic, Religion and Sex to manipulate minds without the recourse of violence; although Aquino himself admits that "the dangers of this, of course, is that these same technological controls could be used to control people in a negative way to make them more antagonistic." In am Interview on 'BuzzSaw', Aquino describes the 'Mind War' technique as follows: "'Min Wars' does not envision people against people; 'Mind War' takes both sides of people (in a sociopolitical problem) amd joins them together against 'the other side' which is the mutual problem; which is what you might call the 'enemy.'" In the books description it claims that It proposes "laboratory" implementation through the structural redesign of the U.S. Army’s three 'Special Operations' branches: Psychological Operations, Special Forces, and Civil Affairs." Both of these high ranking military officials, Vallely & Aquino, specialize in clandestine military psychological operations are are closely tied to Lieutenant General McInerney, Lieutenant General Boykin, General Shoomaker and CIA asset Steve Pieczenk who together founded Delta Force Black Ops PSYOP division (Special Operations) Pieczenk has been a reoccurring guest on AlxxJnnes InfooWrss for the last 20 years and was the prominent spokesperson for promoting what he called a "reverse military coup"

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