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Subject Ethereum is a World Economic Forum partner - Bitcoin is CIA
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Original Message Not to be trusted.

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After extensive research and involvement I no longer trust any cryptocurrencies. It is all part of the NWO Build Back Better scam. They say anonymity and full independence from centralized finance when they see all of it and track everything you do with every single tx (transaction). Metamask has all of your details, all of them do. The moment you give out your wallet they can easily track your entire blockchain history.

Take for example the Zerion app, if you ever post your wallet anywhere even I can anonymously go see how much your wallet holds, how much it has ever held and all tx you have ever done. Could you imagine this from a banking scenario? Give your account to workplace for direct deposit and they can snoop everything you've ever done? Well, that is what a crypto wallet is. Even if you use tornado etc. it all ends up back in metamask and off to your fiat when cashing out liquidity. Fully tracked, every element - EVERY crypto. It is all part of the NWO.

Every single aspect of it, even Bitcoin. Did you know the inventor of Bitcoin remains anonymous to this day 15 years later. He appeared on a now famous cryptographic mailing list with the white paper, taught the community how it works, helped launch it and then once it was shown to work he made Bitcoin open source, passed off reigns to people like Hal Finney and then disappeared, never to be seen again.

The thing is, before disappearing Satoshi had accumulated a bit of BTC to show it all works, testing etc. The original Satoshi wallet has NEVER been touched to this day and holds 980,000 bitcoins. At the height of BTC this would have made Satoshi one of the richest men on Earth, easily in Forbes top richest, yet it was left completely untouched. Clearly this is because with so many eyes on his wallet and the world now knowledgeable about blockchain, it would have been easy to sleuth the tx directions and the cover would have been blown. The 980,000 bitcoins had to remain untouched forever to hide the affiliation.
[link to www.celebritynetworth.com (secure)]

If you translate Satoshi Nakamoto name meaning from Japanese the names can be split to mean Central Intelligence.

Satoshi - Intelligent History
[link to babynames.com (secure)]

Nakamoto - From central origin
[link to www.familyeducation.com (secure)]

Central Origin. Intelligent History. Central Intelligence. CIA.

My advice would be revert to and spend traceless cash. Do as you please, but I won't play their game anymore.
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