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Subject Germany MUST BE STOPPED...like an addict who's been clean now for a long time...Ooops!?
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Original Message What the fuck is the world thinking?
Allowing German Leopard II Tanks to be sent to Ukraine.
Why does Germany even have tanks in the first place?
And then there's the whole Nord-Stream Pipeline EXPLOSION!
That hurts Germany a TON!

Who's dragging Germany into this war...again?
This will be the THIRD time the world will see what happens
If the German War Machine is turned back on.

Once again, I ask, "Why are the Germans even allowed to have tanks?
I thought this shit was done and settled after the war.

I sense (I know) the same old players are at it again
Instigating global war
for their profit

I know, because it's the same playbook being used again.
They use the same plans over-and-over, with just a slight twist.

So my German GLP friends....PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!

Stay AWAY from those tanks, and STOP building them.
Because I just think (because I know the playbook by now)
I think they (USA/NATO) will be "asking" you GERMANY to

Don't you do it.
REMEMBER how badly you got fucked over the last time.
And the time before that.
Because I know how these evil fucks operate, they are going for
Global War.

A Naval and Air Campaign in the South China Sea
Because the vast Pacific Ocean will look and feel like
World War II in The Pacific.
With a twist...off course.
But I think the Sacrificial Lamb in this death orgy will be
The United States of America.

The war in Europe will largely be a Ground War
Because the vast Russian Air-Defense Network of missiles
Flying will be difficult and dangerous at best.

However, the need for massive B-17 formations flying to bomb
factories, power plants, military instillations, fuel and storage, transportation; especially trains, airfields, ports, rivers, highways, damns, and anything else that looks like
It needs a BOMBING....RUN!
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