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Subject From Andromeda Galaxy - An Andromedan Telling His Story
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Original Message Sep. 24th, 2020

An Andromedan Telling His Story

Earth brothers. I am one of those who are above in your heavens. I'm an Andromedan. I come here today to tell you a little about serving the Light; of what it is to serve the supreme God.

I come from a dimension far above yours; I come from the Sixth Dimension. When we reach this height of frequency, we have only one purpose in existing: to help those in need; the love for the other. Our life in our home – I'll call it home, where I come from; it is a peaceful life, with plenty of wealth, prosperity; an immense balance, in which something rarely takes all this balance out of place.

Since a long time, there has always been a call in the universe; a call for help; a call to battle. Some of us like to be warriors. So we are commanded and trained for it. In our hearts, battle is a form of deliverance. We don't understand wars as you do, as our ultimate goal is not to destroy the enemy; kill some beings. The ultimate goal in our battles is always the liberation of those who were oppressed and the imprisonment of those who oppressed them. We don't aim to eliminate anyone; this is not taught nor oriented to be done.

So when the call comes, our commanders leave it up to us who wants to participate, who wants to help that orb, and many of us are ready for this movement. So this is my story. I was trained to carry out exactly this type of action. I know all the orbs in the universe, because we studied a lot, and we know exactly which orbs need to be released. We know the history of each one of them, so we can know exactly where we are going before we make our decision.

There is no fear for us. No type of threat frightens us, because we understand that we were born to serve; we were born to make a difference, not just to be born and die without doing something good for someone else. This is our motto: always be ready to help those in need. We can say that this is a very simple way of expressing unconditional love, and that's how we put ourselves.

We accepted the challenge when we were summoned. I came here, approximately 10 years of your time. I was one of the first to arrive here. No, I'm not a commander, I'm just a simple soldier, but I've been allowed to tell this story so that you can get to know the beings that are looking down on you from up here, with a lot of love and a lot of light.

All this time I have participated in countless battles. These were not easy battles. Honestly, I didn't imagine what I would face here, but I always believed that the confidence and certainty of my victory through love led me to success in each of the actions in which I participated. All, as I said, were extremely complicated; a lot of planning. We spend most of the time planning, training every action that is done on your planet. There's no anxiety about getting things done quickly here. We are extremely cautious, and when I tell you that I am a soldier, I am not just the one who takes orders and executes.

Our troops all participate. We all have an opinion; we all see all the action; and each one is capable of perceiving many things that others do not, from our experience, from the wisdom of each one, it doesn't matter, we all have the right to point out faults. The commanders are not the ones who tell us to shut up, because we are going against what they said; no, we can point out flaws in the planning, and this is extremely well seen, and accepted by our commanders.

So when I say I'm a soldier, it's only because I don't have a command post, but I feel as much a commander as the commander himself, because I'm sure that I helped plan everything. So I'm a commander, I'm a strategist, I'm a soldier, I'm all positions, and so are we all. This is how our armies are held together; no one feels despised, belittled by commanders; everyone has a voice, and many times a simple soldier, like me, takes the lead in a battle. We don't always have commanders in front of us, as trust in us is extreme.

So there is no power for power's sake. There is a group, concerned that everything works out. The commanders only give us the big decisions; what we have to plan, and together with them we plan; and we often act alone. I wanted to come here today, I asked permission to speak a little, to show you our feelings towards each one of you on this planet. We are aware of what we are doing. We are liberating a race; we are freeing a people who have been enslaved and slaughtered for ages.

The battles are not over yet. We're still fighting, but today battles are practically toys. All the war power of those who enslaved you has already been destroyed. Everything is now much easier and we take on small groups to walk on the surface of your planet. We would never do any kind of harm to each of you. We are here for love. There is no soldier among us with a dimension lower than the fifth, so we don't vibrate the feelings that you usually vibrate in this dimension.

One day in the journey of our souls, we already vibrated; but we evolved just as you will. So never expect from us any feeling less than love. There is not. We love you all as if we knew each other, one by one. We were divided by soul families. Each of us has adopted a human being from the same soul family so that we can help you on this awakening journey, and we have been very successful.

Those of you who were born on this planet are also being adopted by countless races. We are billions. So each of us took on a human being on the planet. And even when the being loses this clothing, his soul is led by us and taken to the right place; or to be trained or to other definitions. Then we didn't take any action; we just bring the soul to the right place, so that it is designated and understood by our commanders, what will be done with it; Which way will she go. This we do not know. This information is not given to us.

So, we just fulfilled our mission, the mission to be beside each one of you, blowing in your ears some things, helping you to find some things. So many times you find yourself: “Hey, how did this get here?” It was us, who are showing you the way; the path for evolution of each one of you.

Those who are evolved souls, as much as we are, it is easier for us to act and some even feel our presence. Sometimes you feel a slight shiver, it's our energy at your side, because we can't materialize; we are going in astral projection to your side, to help you. We still don't have conditions to remain physically on the planet; it's not safe for us yet, but we'll have the day; and we are looking forward to it, to be there, and as if it were a snap of your fingers, we will appear at your side, and you will know us – who is this galactic being, guardian of your soul, of your being, and who is at your side side all the time.

We are looking forward to that moment. Each one of us, because practically, each one of us takes care of human. I can tell you that it is a very interesting activity for us, because we can observe their habits, their tastes, their ways of living, which are very interesting. You have no idea of the change you are bringing about in the entire universe, as each one of us will be carrying many memories with us when we return home; we'll be bringing a lot of things that we love to see you do; and that we will repeat in our orbs. See the change you are bringing about in the universe. I can say today that the entire universe knows what is happening here. You are being followed, minute by minute of your time.

Many commanders who are not here, who are far away, in many other galaxies, are watching everything that is being done here. Don't lose faith. Everything will be alright. You have already proven that you are strong. You've already tasted what you want; and you want to evolve; we perceive it, we see it, by the frequency of each one of you. You are becoming brighter every day, and that is wonderful; and we see it every moment, and many times we see you get a little sad, discouraged, without faith, and we always find a way to put something in front of you to remind you how powerful you are; how powerful you are.

Don't lose faith, because we, even in the most torrid battle, were never afraid, we never thought, at any moment: “We won't make it”; and in all, we won. Losses existed, yes, it is part of the process`. We do not face the death of the physical garment as you do; for us it is as if it were a victory to lose one's life helping a brother. You will feel it one day. When you evolve, you will realize that doing something for others is ennobling, it is radiant, it is wonderful; even lose physical clothing. This is of no importance to us. We are there to serve and our soul will soon receive another garment, and the whole process will begin. It will be a great learning experience for her.

Fight. Never believe that you will not win. You will win, but always believing that you are powerful and that nothing can defeat you. We are here, we are still there, beside each one of you; and we are helping to make this process happen in the smoothest and most peaceful way possible. We know that this will not be very possible, but we will do what is necessary to make it possible. And what we most want right now is to introduce ourselves to you; is to show you who is by your side; who is accompanying you; who is taking care of you. It's always as if we had a base and a piece of paper in our hands, writing down everything you do, to improve your day-to-day even more.

If anyone wants to see us, ask from the heart, ask with an open heart. Ask us to show ourselves to you, and we'll find a way to quickly do so. Now be aware of your request. Are you really ready to see us? Whoever we are? Be that as it may? So just do it if you really have an open heart to see anything. Not all of us are humanoid. Some of us are very different from you. So to ask us to show up, you have to be open-hearted, and just ready to see anything.

Are you ready? If they are, just call: “My guardian galactic being, show yourself to me, tell me your name”; and we will introduce ourselves and say our name; because you, we already know deeply.

My name? I am Zuriel. Our names, we try to make you understand in the vibration of your language. So the closest is this. I am very grateful to those who allowed me to come here and tell a little of the story of a soldier; but an important soldier, because I know that I am important in this whole process.

[link to www.anjoseluz.com (secure)]

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
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