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Subject Men are obsolete. Women, transpeople and ChatGPT now rule the world.
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Original Message Men will only be kept as sextoys. Of course most women will choose tattoed chads and BBC bulls.

Bread-earning white men are a thing of the past. Nobody cares that you work hard.

Soon you won't be able to afford a home or a car no matter how much you work.

Private home ownership will be eliminated, housing market will collapse, and the abandoned houses will be taken over by the government and later redistributed through big corporations to loyal employers.

And who are the most loyal employers? Women of course.

Cars will become corporate too, private people will only be able to rent them like a city bike. They will be self-driving too.

The few physical jobs will remain for a while, until they perfect AI-controlled robots, but these will be low-paying jobs only.

Men will need physical jobs to survive. All the intellectual work will be done by AI and women.

Men will be reduced to the entertainment industry and keeping women company, but they will only need a few best looking guys, there will be no place for average men in society. And mind you, women consider 80% of men below average, let that sink in.
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