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Subject Marijuana ideas, Golden Dragon Seedko
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Original Message Smowke Marijuana Get High Fur A Little Bit Grow Marijuana Get High Fur Life

***Kauai Watergate
(hollywood pure kush x pistachio) X kauai electric

***Haitian Hot Garlikk
(gmo x malawi) X Haitian sativa

***Molokai Koktail
passionfruit hashplant x hibiscus #127 rev X molokai male

***Panama Pinot Cheesio
(big buddha cheese x bingo pajama) x old timers haze
hopefully use kudra reversed instead of bingo pajama
only use a dark liquour smelling purple haze pheno

Zamal gn X sunset sherbert x azad kashmir
ibl sunshmirs for flavor and effect

***Quazy Sizzurp Spritzer
fat purple #9 x gushers rev X grinspoon rev
if you can search through your fat purple seed to find a male and pollinate gushers to eventually make regs, maybe do an ixbx to the fat purple #9 by taking the fat purple an extra fgen then possibly doin a bx to the #9 pheno befur you cross with gushers

***Paraguayan Sugar Baby
the slammer x cocoa kush X choco chiba reversed or werthers pheno male
maybe use cream caramel once u do a lil r&d

***Ghana Sinnamon Sprinkles
lavender x hot lixz X ghana
maybe find a hot lixz cinnamon male to pollinate your lavender and run an ibl with original genetics
deffinately run a reversal of your best cinnamon hot lixz onto lavender for good measure

***Puna Kool Aid
mothers milk x pink champagne rev X purple kali mist
maybe use candy hearts pheno mothers milk deffinately make (pink champagne x mothers milk male) but keep mothers milk as the base female
(mothers milk x pink champagne rev) X (pink champagne x mothers milk male)
maybe make a ixbx1 to a mothers milk candy heart pheno in a fgen to find a similar male if one is not found in original packs of seed (mothers milk candy heart pheno X mothers milk male)

***Ethiopian Lemonade Lady
lemon tree x zkittlez rev X ethiopian high thcv male

***Oaxacan Pineapple Poizon Roze
(forum cut gsc x Venom OG) x lily] x Oaxaca 79' rev
look for a gsc influenced rich smellin cookie og before crossin with lily
then look for a pineapple influenced pheno

***Kambodian Kustard Dumplin
the slammer x golden goat X khmer gold
may need refinement through testing and r&d

***Guatemalan Strawberry Mama
indiana bubblegum x red pop rev X Guatemala
use strawberry pheno guatemala

***Zakatekan Tic Tac
Menthol monkey x smarties rev X Big sur holy weed

***Honduran Peanut Butter Pitbull
peanutbutter breath x honduran geranium scented male

***Filipino Orange Explozion
tropicanna cookies x indiana bubblegum rev X filipino

***Thai Appletini
thai chaing mai X apple pie x smarties
find an apple pie male to pollinate smarties too, select an apple pheno and continue until the 2nd fgen, select an apple male and pollinate your best green tea smellin thai
(apple pie x smarties rev) X (smarties x apple pie male)
pollinate bandaid haze with your best smartapple male and maybe take an fgen or two to lock in apple flavore and make ***Green Apple Dream and see which one is better thai appletini or green apple dream

***Kolombian Muttonchops
(ASS x shrieker rev) x zkittlez rev X mangobiche male

***Lebanese Blonde Bombshell
ortega x the white X lebanese high cbd male

***Nepali Watermelon Lady
watermelon hashplant X watermelon zkittlez x jamaican grape

***Kung Pao Kookies
forum cut gsc X kali china x rootbeer
use roast meat kali china pheno then select for spicy meat flavors after u cross w rootbeer

when available special freebie, do not sell these
mass produce these as needed to give 13 per order along with the strain they ordered

if unavailable, sub in any strain to give as freebie just make sure they get 26 seed per 100$

***Japanese Jammie Dodger (freebie, extra 13 per order when available like the kung pao kookies)
lavender x raspberry parfait X hokkaido japan male
you make need to do a bx ix in an fgen then bx to the original select pheno to find a suitable male hokkaido

***Iranian Espresso
farmers fire x koffee X golot iran male
use dark smellin farmers fire
use purple stemmed iranian male

***Kalamata Green Curry Gremolata
cheech wizard x sour dubb X kalamata red male
use green curry pheno cheech wizard and sour wizard

***Egyptian Lychee Extasy
mac x apple blossom X sinai male
you may need to do a ix bx 1 to 2 to a rose pheno girl prior to a male counterpart selection, make sure you use a rose pheno male

***Uzbeki Lingonberry Lollipop
uzbeki X jelly donutz x white grapes

Az Abuv Sow Belo
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