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Subject If you think we're NOT in the days of the twilight zone, think again - large hadron colliders and chipped-brain neuro-linking are scary as Hell
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Original Message With these large hadron colliders creating dark matter, I fear they're utilizing an electromagnetic pulse in the middle of some of the smaller-scale particle smashers to pump dark matter into our atmosphere.

They can utilize satellites to trigger the dark matter around your electromagnetic field and put you in a waking nightmare.

This is also about space exploration - the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) reaching the circumference of the large hadron collider I theorize speeds up and spreads out the force, creating a sort of 'Superelectromagnetic Field' that is to be utilized for space exploration by electromagnetic avatars that can freely roam in a 'free-look-mode' type scenario that individuals can experience, though I don't know if this is possible. I know this could be a very far-fetched theory but it makes a lot of sense.

I also theorize 9-11-2001 was a rescue mission for New York, and while it was a horrible tragedy, 9-11-2001 could have been worse. Those likely weren't airplanes that hit the Twin Towers. They were friggin missiles!!

They blew open holes in the sides of the twin towers with missiles I theorize in order to allow for what they tricked informed intelligence into thinking they had to perform sky hook operation(s) to remove atom bombs to save the city and surrounding areas, but because atom bombs are too heavy for sky hook, they had to utilize either a hollow column or elevator shaft in the towers that extended clear below Manhattan Island to bomb the UNDERGROUND!

If they would have attempted sky hook with a real atom bomb I theorize was in the North Tower, they would have risked something terrible and worse happening on a bigger scale.

You might be wondering then, why did they even need the missiles if atom bombs are too heavy for sky hook and couldn't retrieve them in this way. Well, that, I theorize, was part of the deception and lie they created to trick informed intel into potential disaster. But that disaster didn't happen, whether my theory is correct or not. They played the game right if this is true.

Remember this is all theory, but I've been given signs by some very scary people I fear.

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