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Subject Apollo 10 astronauts heard 'music' behind the Moon
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Original Message
Apollo 10's amazing encounter with a VERY bizarre anomaly while behind the far side of the Moon. This segment will give you an up-close look at an astounding audio transcript from the Apollo 10 mission that has never before been publicly analyzed - and that NASA and the Apollo 10 astronauts to this day still refuse to talk about.
You will follow Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan, and John Young as they become only the second crew in history to journey behind the lunar far side. During this period of "LOS" (Loss Of Signal), the astronauts encounter something truly incredible - they discover MUSIC behind the Moon!

CHECK MY OTHER VIDEOS - What you have seen here is merely a small portion of the INCREDIBLE truth. Over the past 5 years, I have been conducting what is the most comprehensive forensic investigation into the validity of the Apollo lunar landing program EVER conducted before. You HAVE NO IDEA what you have been missing!
Be sure to check my other presentations and stay tuned for MANY more to come, because when I make the claim that I have cracked this conspiracy wide open, I sincerely mean it! As you have just seen here (and in my other presentations as well), I will show you things that the public have NEVER seen before!

Throughout the Apollo program, the CSM and LM spacecraft carried what were known as DSE and DSEA "black box" flight data recorders. These instruments recorded the internal LM and CSM crew conversations while the astronauts were around the lunar far side and out of radio contact with Earth. Although NASA has never made the actual DSE/DSEA audio recordings public, transcripts of these far side conversations are available in the NASA archives, and as you will see, they offer up some truly AMAZING surprises!

Here is a link to the Apollo 10 DSEA voice transcript (in PDF format) for those who are interested.
[link to www.jsc.nasa.gov]
As no sound can travel in a vacuum and as all signals from Earth were blocked by the Moon during this period,, the whistling heard by Stafford, Cernan & Young must have been electromagnetic signals transmitted from the dark side of the Moon and received in their earphones. Unless they were picking up internally created electronic noise.....

264-page typewritten transcript of the conversation:
[link to www.jsc.nasa.gov]

Page 197:
04 06 13 02 LMP That music even sounds outer-spaeey, doesn't it?
You hear that? That whistling sound?
04 06 13 06 CDR Yes.
04 06 13 07 _4P Who0ooooo. Say your - -
04 06 13 12 CMP Did you hear that whistling sound, too?
04 06 13 14 _P Yes. Sounds like - you know, outer-space-type
04 06 13 18 _4P I wonder what it is

Page 198:
04 06 17 58 LMP Boy, that sure is weird music.
04 06 18 01 CMP We're going to have to find out about that.
Nobody will believe us.
04 06 ].8 07 LMP Yes. It's a whistling, you know, like an outerspace-type thing.
04 06 18 10 CMP Yes .... VHF-A ...
Page 240:
04 07 39 33 CMP Roger.
04 07 39 47 CDR Those numbers again, Gene-o, are what?
04 07 39 57 IMP I'll put mine on, Tom.
04 07 40 51 LMP I tell you, John, that music is really weird.
04 07 40 55 CMP ... Think we're going to get it on the front side?
04 07 40 58 _ I know it. You composed something, huh?
04 07 41 03 _P I don't know, man.
04 07 41 05 LMP No one will believe us. Okay, Tom, we're set until 35 minutes - 35 seconds. And we're at 4 minutes ·
and 35 from the burn.
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