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Subject jack ruby's (rubenstein's) mom.....my fathers best friend..the great mystery whore of babylon..the kennedy assasination..juxto and
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Original Message exposure on northern euro/slavic judaism/catholicism...and now the rest of the story..

researchers have not gone into jack's maternal side and its very important...his mothers maiden name was rutkowski, a rutkowski being my dad's best friend..this is a polish catholic name and my upbringing brought to an understanding that the polish catholic/judaic community was most definitly aligned in chicago where both ruby and i were raised..

understanding that in judaism the make up of an individual is bent more to the mother than a the father lets take a look at jack ruby from the polish catholic/judaic point of view...

the polish/northern euro, judeo-catholic people that set up in chicago were hard working, smart( inclusive of monetary intelligence) tough(see dick butkus),and ethical..in the case of the rutkowski connected to my family,my family,like ruby's, associated with the chicago outfit thru gambling, was giving..people that knew jack knew that on his good side he was somewhat generous with his employees/dancers just as my dad's friend was somewhat generous who always stopped by at christmas to drop off a huge box of cleaning projects for my mom(he worked for lever brothers)..

to get to the kennedy killzone, ruby's connection went beyond the geography of chicago and the chicago outfit and right into the international realm of the military PETROLEUM intel complex thru the detroit purple gang(judeo catholic influenced) that bordered canada and the new york( canadian bordered buffalo influenced) gambino family who dispatched johnny torrio and al capone to chicago outfit model of diversity that had already been set up in newyork as northern/eastern euros were being brought in as made members(see meyer lansky and many others)..

so researchers should not dismiss ruby's skipover of the mafia connects into the greta mystery whore of babylon realm which was the control mechanism over it all inclusive of the kennedy assasination, jack getting in the way of the $200 billion dollar vietnam war that wer're still paying for as viewed by million dollar houses and 5 bucks a gallon and 4 dollar candy bars....and we thank you for your support..

looking back,my dads best friend eddie rutkowski happened to be gay though nobody paid any argumentative attention to that nonsense as in those days americans believed that you shouldn't talk politics or religion in public.. the c.i.a., however, is sure as hell making an issue out of gender as a distractive, potentially destabilizing matter..both trump and biden and america are being socially engineered this way making it a political tug-a- war ..
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