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Subject Free people will never be slaves
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Original Message Once upon a time there was a race of people who were just living their lives without much bother to others. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Then one day a strange group of people decided to make themselves God like, above all others.

This strange group of people (backed by unknown forces) decided to infiltrate and / or create through nefarious means, groups, organisations and corporations to gain leverage over the simple folks who were just living their lives.

As time went by and this groups power and control grew, the simple folks - who were initially unaware of what was being set up for them and their families - began noticing changes in society.

Some of the simple folks began attempting to inform the larger collective much earlier than the rest, but were initially ignored as the nefarious group began leveraging the power they wielded over the outcasts calling them out.

The larger collective of simple folks carried on trying to live their simple lives, not bothering anyone, but the nefarious group continued with their plan of conquest over all others.

After some time, the nefarious group had managed to amass global control and infiltration of almost every aspect of life on Earth. Governments, education, banking, religion, law, media, food production, product production, you name it. They controlled it.

The group now thought they were God, but they were not satisfied with their total control over the simple folks who were initially trying to live their lives.

Next they decided there were too many simple folks trying to live their lives and that of those who might remain would need tracking, to make sure they don't upset the nefarious groups God fantasy.

To be continued...

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