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Subject Would you like to know more about who and what we are? What we are capable of? What Jesus knew?
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Original Message A good backgrounder on our human biomind and bioelectronic living matrix becomes absolutely necessary. We no longer think in terms of body "systems;" instead we found the body is a bioelectronic living matrix that hosts an information cloud that interpenetrates the body, serving (along with its four brains) as a living biomind. There are three cranial brains old reptilian, old mammalian, and neocortical and one enteric in the ventral aspect of the body.

All together, they interconnect with tissues that wrap around all muscles and organs (known as fascia), the
systemic whole made up by the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, the scaffolding of tubules inside each cell, the plexi (switchboards) of nerves and cardiovascular connectors, lymphatic vessels, and the cutaneous membrane (skin), and its accessory structures (hair, scales, feathers, nails, exocrine glands). This is what is known to us as the living matrix.

And this is a bioelectronic structure of very unique properties and capabilities. The human biomind is not just the biochemical and bioelectric activity in the three cranial brains. Rather, it also involves and includes the entire human living matrix complex and the information cloud that interpenetrates the body and expresses itself as (a) unipolar, dipolar, and quadrupolar scalar spectra of electromagnetic fields (or scalar electro-magnetic fields not measurable by current human instruments), and (b) the dipolar, and quadrupolar electro-magnetic and bioluminescent biophotonic (light) fields emanating from every square inch of human body surface at right angles from the skin. These two kinds of fields make up what over millennia has been known as the aura. As Dr. Neruda indicated in his interviews, the amount of information processed by the human neocortical brain is a pittance when compared to the amount of information processed by the entire human biomind complex described above.

It is this complex which makes ACCELERATED LEARNING possible. Actually, if there is a mind-blowing explanation of how ACCELERATED LEARNING actually occurs, we will be accurate in saying that we use our own photons (light packets) to co-locate matter according to the (quantum-potential and 4-spacetime) templates of the object we wish to manifest.

We know from Chinese classified and open source research, and from our own labs, that human beings are quite capable of producing masers using their hands as projection devices (a maser being a a device that produces coherent electromagnetic waves through amplification due to stimulated emission). Historically the term came from the acronym " microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation", although modern masers emit over a broad portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. These masers, however, emit ionizing radiation (that is, electromagnetic radiation capable of disrupting the biological functions of living cell tissues). But the human masers, aside from being emissions in the microwave range, are nonionizing, that is, cell tissue exposed to these nonionizing fields does not change.

Could this ability be applicable to the reality matrix of any 4-spacetime object? In other words, could we take the thought template of any 4-dimensional object, initiate a radiant cascade of high velocity nonionizing photons by focusing this radiant cascade on the object's template? Yes, it is not only possible in theory. It is also far simpler that we ever thought possible. Any self-respecting Nepalese monk can MPO his own food as demonstration of ascent in capabilities and illumination. We would have not believed it had we not been invited to see it. But what was most hilarious was seeing their faces when not only one but several of us, seated as we were, MPOed ours.

Needless to say, it took us all more than fifteen minutes to calm down from the collective mirth that befell the gathering. They do, and did, have an excellent sense of humor, and were quite curious to know how we knew of it, and how we came to learn to do it on demand. We exchanged information with them and much to our surprise, they used a near identical MPO sequence as we.

3. Yet, in retrospect, we should not have been surprised by the Creator's economy of scale. Why should it have been different, as each of us who are biologically relatively intact ( i.e., have a working living matrix) are wired basically in the same fashion?

At this juncture in your induction into what you were told is called ACCELERATED LEARNING (light-encoded reality matrix), we will switch to a more accurate and descriptive name for the process and product MANIFEST PRODUCTION OBSERVERSHIP. We are able to manifest a product by becoming active observers with the "eye" that is not made to see the world directly. At this point, let's baptize this "eye" as the "mind's eye," so you will then know and know how to internally operationalize this means. What you "see" in this "eye," you can apply MPO on demand. It is this, we believe now, that Jesus had told us we would be able to do in the latter days this, and more.

The ability to "see" with the eye that is not made to see the world directly figures prominently in MPO. So much so indeed that without it, the ability is impaired to an extent that it becomes useless or a pale reflection of its splendor. But, to "see" in this fashion is not just the ability to visualize in the sense of being able to see the object in the mind's eye.

All objects in 4-spacetime are actually, really macro-quantum objects, and therefore available to the biomind by their quantum numbers. This means your biomind knows the quantum number of each of the kind of cell phones produced in the world, as each is "registered" in the Thought superdomain as an upward chain of causality (from here to Source, or T-boundary). All of this is instantly available to your biomind, so in effect, you know everything about everything instantly. The only thing detaining you from being aware of it is the amount of information you are able to process per second and the level of cortical-enteric-myofascial connectivity your biomind counts on for "deep" information processing that takes you to the 90+ percent use of available capacity.

This is in part what Dr. Neruda alluded to when he said that we only use 3% of our capabilities. When we reach the 90 percentiles and use our biominds as integrated wholes (body and mind as one) we become more powerful than ever imagined. You have no idea how powerful! Walking over a bed of live coals is child's play in comparison. The operating scope of your biomind, by our calculations, is in the 30 billion light-years, with earth at the center; you can easily reach the T-boundary that segregates the knowable from the unknowable range of Source; you can do painstaking exploration of every aspect of each of the 12,960,000 infinities between any surface of spacetime and Source at its T-boundary.

You are a part of a living supercomputer capable of storing the universe in its fold the supercomputer being the overfunction of which each of us are members, whether we are "good little boys and girls" or not. Whether or not we stay members is a matter of individual, personal choice. You, who are now members of this working group, have made very clear what you choice is. Choice with you is no longer an issue. You are here, and you were counted. And not by us, but by something much larger than us that contains us all. As your may note throughout these modules, Source has provided its issues (its sons & daughters) with qualities, biogenetics and biomind that are nothing short of perfection. Thus, wisdom without longevity is neither desirable nor possible. Human conditions on earth today attest to the fact. Without wisdom, all we have is history.

[link to people.tribe.net]
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