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Subject An Unusual Transversal: A Unique Case?
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Original Message In the 1999 Link conference, a transversal in body-form identified himself as an asexual member of a hyperversal commonality (HC) (or community of biominds) that he said belonged to a much larger HC predating the "present cycle" (i.e., the Big Bang). His HC, according to what he communicated, was undergoing what was described to human attendees as a "campaign of self-renewal." At the outset, we found it strange as several years before, we had come in contact with other so-called transversals at another conference; these identified themselves as having "client biokinds," of whom they were supposed "guides" through still another "shepherd." On that occasion, human attendees (us included [and by 'us' I mean whoever from the "Institute" stood in as representative for all of us]) were informed that we would meet the "shepherd" at the next conference. The "shepherds" turned out to be those we learned were called Verdants, and the scheme was a straightforward pitch for us to support an Earth colonization plan unveiled that following year in exchange for aggrandizement, elevation of means, career and power. Suffice it to say that not a single human attendee at the conference gave support to the scheme, or signed on. So, having come in contact with transversals prior to 1999, the new approach was taken with a large grain of salt.

It turns out the transversal in body-form we met at the 1999 conference was one of several "field officers" from a group originally from the M-65 galaxy, but occupying several space/time LOMs in the globular clusters near the center of our Milky Way galaxy. At first we believed this to be a hoax since, at the mention of M-65, the galaxy was a candidate location for an ontocyborenergetic (or cyborg-type) life form (the Animus) we had been tracking then for already nearly a month. However, this transveral entity's initial signature and unusual transparency took the three of us that were attending by complete surprise. A male specimen (quite possibly a biological avatar), his communication was an unusual blend of fluid cognitives (highly clear combinations of discernible vector-intentional information, patterned information weaving multiple content, processes of the embedded patterns, holographic and 2-dimensional visuals, and broadband information on content conveyed in a dense informatic topology) and unusually powerful emotives for an alien. ETs we had met thus far were not known for being emotional beings. The fluid informatics of his unabridged communication was far more than just abstract and detached mental thoughtscapes - the style made him downright likeable. His communication style was a breath of fresh air, when compared to that of other aliens, in particular the previous transversals. It was this aspect of his overall signature that initially made us most distrustful of him. He was too good to be true.

At this initial contact with him, the three from the Institute were told he was to work with us on "certain things" and on "asking the right questions." He proceeded to tell us, chapter and verse, exactly what we were working on at the time, a complete description of the people involved, the attention arising on other quarters regarding the work being done, etc. He also told us how he knew, and showed us how he garnered the information. In other words, he won our consent to accept his help without forcing the issue, or steering us toward the conclusion he wished us to reach. The three considered the matter and replied to him they would accept, provided the entire Institute membership joined in their decision. They also informed him that we reserved the right of closure and termination, if and when we detected it was no longer in our best interest to continue the connection, and insisted that he, or any other of his kind, would not make any attempts at dissuading any member. He agreed and told us he would "visit" with us gnosively (mind-on-mind, or by sharing the same mindscape) and in person over the next month. He did, and this was our opportunity to learn about how hyperversals of his kind (and of other kinds) transduced themselves from their index LOMs to ours on Earth. Through them we also learn that what we called "extension neurosensing" was also the basis for how they transduced from one place to another.

He instructed us on how to compose heuristics (or research questions) to guide ourselves in studying what Nature is and how she works. The hyperversal also shared with us the systemic workings of Earth as a host to life, how its life forms formed a close knit weave of life inside what we came to call the "life belt" of Earth, how all life on Earth was connected to one another by what Cleve Backster had christened as "primary perception," a biocommunication condition of all life, including human life, how art and music played a role in the elevation of awareness and thinking of the human race, their roles and benchmarks by which to gauge biokind evolution, and how to conceptualize the systemics of the informatics of life on Earth. He also provided us with a kind of recipe for enhancing human intelligence without resorting to energetic or biochemical means, and a detailed map of Earth which pinpointed specific geopositions of what we recognized to be "power spots" or "power locations." These we were told are beneficent geopositions to human health and welfare, and that some of them were crisscrossed by subterranean water currents whose waters were also beneficial to humans. The most welcome, and amazing, assistance rendered by this being was his initial guidance to our neurosensors extending timelike (first), and then spacelike (subsequently) as part of research pursuits of aspects of Nature and how Nature works.

Although he does not have a name as we do on Earth, he consented to the name Ka'I, and that's what we will call him here. Yes, he is a male, but an asexual one at that. That is, he was most likely born in the equivalent of a test tube. We yet don't know much about their reproductive technology to accurately characterize and offer a definitive view on how he came to be. All we know about himself, as a personhood and unit of life of his lifekind and overfunction commonality, is that he fulfills a function we translated as field officer.
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