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Subject Thinking About Survival Kits...
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Original Message Now is a good time to get your mind tuned in on what you need to continue your life in warmth, comfort and security.

We all need to stay warm and dry to prevent hypothermia. Can't really do anything about this common killer if your body core temperature falls just several degrees. A cool wind that comes up after a Summer rain and you might just be shivering and in danger. The first concern is really to be able to stay dry, or get dry and remain warm enough not to go into hypothermic shock.

After staying Warm & Dry, you need water. The ability to process water you find or secure into consumable water is critical. Personal water filtration, household gravity filtration as well as makeshift gravity drip filtering systems you make out of buckets, towels, sheets, funnels etc is important. Having a gallon or two of plain old hypochlorite bleach like Chlorox, or Purex is also a plus to kill bacteria.

Food. Being human organisms we have to eat. Depending on what your Kit is designed for, you will likely select various types of food and foodstuffs. Having food also means having the means to acquire, process, preserve, and cook whatever wild game or vegetation you find.

Security is the basis for continued Survival. Unless you can protect yourself from threats of all sorts, your situation is not secure. Having weapons that can also serve for food gathering along with your security needs is a great morale booster.

So, let's talk about Kits you might have put together for the various activities you engage in. Your most basic Kit is the contents of your pockets, purse, or briefcase/backpack; whatever you always make an effort to keep on your person. Then there are Kits for extended activities, Kits for vehicles, and Bug-Out Bags.

What do you want in your Kits, and do you have these things together already to go?
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