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Subject The VP Candidates Family
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Original Message To see the news sources spreading all sorts of info and probably some dis-info on Palin's daughter, pregnancy, unmarried status, etc., is the most vile thing I've ever seen what passes for reporting in this country do!

I was sick when I had to see and then read the 40 million dollar Star Report where in that perverted old reprobate, Ken Star, gave us the gory details of President Clinton's trysts with Monica Lewinski. That was shameful enough. But at least they were both adults!

To attack the VP Candidates' daughter who is apparently seventeen and perhaps pregnant is reprehensible! That girl is not running for office. Her mother is! It sickens me to think that even the press would jump on this bandwagon and so gleefully report it.

The sexual preferences, and activities of the candidates themselves should be off limits unless and until they cross into areas of illegality (ie: Minors, Prostitutes, Non-consensual sex, etc.) and the sexual lives and deeds of their minor children should NEVER be used as fodder for the selling of news papers or commercial time on the broadcast news. The fact that a president has a mistress (or a male lover for that matter) is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I don't care and don't want to know! His wife and her attorney may be interested in those facts, but as a citizen, I am not!

I do want to know how he or she votes on critical issues, where they stand on the military industrial complex that's ruining this world, and what they intend to do about our dependence on oil, the crashing US economy, the illegal Federal reserve bank and it's actions, and a few million other things that are far far more interesting and important than who they or their children have been sleeping with or what they may have done in those various beds!

Whether Fox, or ABC, or CNN or NBC broke this story - I could care less - other than I'll know which of them to avoid in the future. I would like to get these young journalists and set them down and explain to them that while a public figure may forfeit his/her right to privacy, their minor children do not. Frankly, I would love to see the reporters and papers and media outlets who have deemed this "newsworthy" vs a private and potentially tragic mistake sent back to school and forced to take the ethics class that they so obviously flunked the first time around. Or do they still teach ethics in schools of Journalism today?

This is VILE and it sickens me. I'm a 5th Generation Card Carrying Kennedy-esque DEMOCRAT and Proud of it. But this time, the news media and their band of jackals have attacked a child - a child who's in a very difficult position, and made her a laughing stock and held her up for public humiliation for nothing more than selling their sleazy rags or newscasts. This should not even be visited upon a Republican.

If the media had any decency left, they would en masse start printing full page apologies to the candidate and her family! But I doubt they would even understand the word "decency" as I've used it herein. And they're probably too cheap to print and pay for a full page apology, too!

The once proud Forth Estate has now shat upon the entire nation! They are beneath our collective contempt for this!
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