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Subject Sarah Palin's Amazing Vedic Horoscope -- Interesting astrology stuff on McCain and Palin...
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Original Message [link to www.astrofuturetrends.com]

Sarah Palin's Amazing Vedic Horoscope
and My 2005 Prediction About John McCain

Three years ago, in the October-November issue of the NCGR Memberletter, I examined Saturn and Neptune in the horoscopes of prospective presidential candidates, then looked ahead to the 2008 presidential election and made the following forecast (italics and boldface added):

“Republican Senator John McCain (see AstroFutureTrends Astrology article and horoscope) has a natal Saturn-Neptune opposition. If elected, he would be the first Virgo president since LBJ. In the 2000 election, after he defeated Bush in the early primaries, McCain brandished a Star Wars light saber as a symbol of his fighting spirit, thus demonstrating his Neptunian ability to appropriate popular culture for Saturnine political ends—a fitting prop for someone with a Saturn-Neptune opposition. On election day 2008, McCain will experience an interesting confluence of astrological factors. His Saturn-Neptune opposition will be conjoined by the Saturn-Uranus election opposition. His natal Moon is at the same position (27° Capricorn) as the U.S. horoscope Pluto. The next President will lead the nation as Pluto enters Capricorn, a perilous time. McCain’s lunar north node—karmic destiny—is at 1°of Capricorn, and Pluto will also be at exactly 1°of Capricorn when the new president is sworn in to office in January, 2009.”

John McCain has now selected Governor Sarah Palin, who has some amazingly powerful trends happening in her Vedic horoscope, as his vice-presidential running mate.

Although an Obama supporter, I am always fascinated by political drama, and Sarah Palin’s sudden nomination as the GOP Vice President was certainly a political bolt out of the blue. Although Palin had already succeeded in being elected a state governor, her selection by John McCain as his running mate has made her into an overnight media sensation—and quite possibly next in line to succeed a man who may become our oldest elected president.

Vedic astrology has an uncanny ability to unveil the thrusts of destiny that suddenly propel an individual from relative obscurity to the peaks of fame and power. As I wrote in an article on Elvis Presley’s Vedic horoscope, when a powerfully placed planet in a Vedic horoscope coincides with a major Vedic planetary period—called a mahadasha—it becomes possible for an individual to experience a meteoric rise in a chosen field.

In Vedic astrology, individual lives are measured by dashas, planetary periods lasting anywhere from 6 to 18 years. Sarah Palin was elected mayor of a small Alaska town shortly after she began her Jupiter mahadasha, a 16 year planetary cycle. In 2006, when she was elected governor of Alaska, she began her Venus sub-dasha. This dasha pairing of Jupiter and Venus will continue up until the end of 2008.

A few words on Sarah Palin’s birth data: Mahadashas and shorter sub-dashas are calculated based on the position of the Moon in the horoscope, so an accurate birth time is important in seeing when mahadashas begin and end. Sarah Palin was born on February 11, 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho (per Wikipedia). An unconfirmed birth time of 4:40 p.m. (said to be from Ms. Palin herself) is circulating around the Internet and is being used by several astrologers. 4:40 p.m is the birth time I have used for Sarah Palin’s Vedic horoscope.

Sarah Palin’s Vedic horoscope has Jupiter in its own sign—Pisces—conjoining Venus (in Vedic astrology, planets are considered to be conjunct when they occupy the same house, regardless of the degree separation). Venus is exalted in Pisces and in Vedic astrology an exalted planet takes on extra power. Both these conjoined and powerfully placed benefic planets have now given Sarah Palin her date with destiny. In 2006, when she was elected governor of Alaska, shortly after she began her Venus sub-dasha, Jupiter and Venus were simultaneously activated.

Jupiter also aspects Palin’s Ascendant, giving her added good fortune and protection.

Palin’s Venus sub-dasha will end about two months after the presidential election, but her Jupiter mahadasha will continue until 2014.

This bright picture is slightly clouded by some other planetary placements in Palin’s navamsha (9th

Looking even farther ahead: After 2014, Palin will enter her Saturn mahadasha. Her Vedic Saturn is in its own sign (Aquarius), and Saturn is exalted in Libra in her all-important Navamsha (9th

If the birth time currently being circulated is indeed correct, Palin has Jupiter and Venus in her Vedic 9th house. The 9th house rules, among other things: older mentors (John McCain), politics, luck, good fortune, bosses, and grandchildren.

House rulerships are extremely important in Vedic astrology. Palin’s 9th house Venus rules her 11th

In addition, Palin has something called a Kaal Sarpa Yoga (Serpent of Time). A yoga is a linking of planets. The Kaal Sarpa Yoga occurs when all the planets (Vedic astrology does not use Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are placed on one side of the lunar nodal axis (Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology, or the North-South Nodes of the Moon in Western astrology). Although this pattern is often believed to be strongly negative, the great and iconoclastic Vedic astrologer K.N. Rao takes sharp issue with that idea and says that Kaal Sarpa Yoga can also be present in the lives of highly successful individuals.
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