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Subject health-based explanation for the present BS in the world
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Original Message Hi, here is my health-based explanation for everything that's going on in the world (It's not perfect, but I think it may be interesting, it also lacks love-vibration part, but im laaazyy :D)

THE TRUTH - the cause of ALL diseases / disorders is demodex mite, it circulates within red cell, and affects organs where people have weakest genes. For example if you type in CANCER TRUTH you will learn that cancer cause and cures have been found long time ago (likewise earthclinic.com is good too, it has lots of cures for all diseases - there you can see in practice that all cures for diseases have been found long time ago)

THE QUESTION - if all disorders are curable why the cover - up ?
that's where sh*t gets deeper, i used to think that's for profits, but unfortunately the reason is worse. humans have 95 percent dna inactive, third eye turned off, etc - that's the reason because this annoying mite disables everything ...

Now you think - what's the point of covering up this thing because sooner or later people will figure out ?

That's the saddest part - timing is now - PLEASE RESEARCH THE FOLLOWING

1. google zeitgeist (fastfoward 35 min or so)
2. google esoteric agenda (again beginning may be boring)
3. youtube.com planet x chemtrails, planet x
4. 2012forum.com

PS America will collapse VERY SOON, Very likely OCT 7 2008

My advice would be Whereever you are STOCK UP ON FOOD for 4 years, have a spot at least 200m above sea (earthtools.org) and get radiation shield (I will dig a van and wield two containers for entrance system :DDD, 2m of ground is definitely enough for radiation shield)

I do not want to look paranoid or panicky - but please - you have to make decisions AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, something big will definitely happen by the end of this year

IF that makes you depressed, know that behind all this concpiracy and BS is one mastermind - reptilian race, they lived on earth all the time (youtube bush reptilian, et behind bush, etc), they are insane animals .. basically humans are divine and they are jealous pricks trying to prevent humans from truth, earth will be going to 5th dimension in 2012 and they do not want us to go, but they lost the battle anyway, they are just unhappy sick animals and we are divine

Also, im not saying im all-knowing but i think preparation should be two-way based
A.) physical - radiation and high sea levels
B.) spiritual - good feelings and crystals (ESPECIALLY ORGONE, ive read lots of amazing stuff about it, it can even clear up skies)

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