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Subject Coming Soon: TEOTWAWKI, By Sharon Gilbert
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Original Message Coming Soon: TEOTWAWKI

September 22, 2008

WHAT IF you received a letter this morning telling you that the world would completely transform in just one week — that September 30th marks ‘The End of The World As We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI)? No, I’m not setting a date. I’m proposing a possibility.

September 30/October 1st represents the Jewish New Year, celebrated as Rosh Hashanah (’head of the year’). This remarkable ‘Feast of Trumpets’ covers a span of two days because the actual beginning of the feast coincides with the first sighting of the new moon, confirmed by ‘two witnesses’. In other words, no man knows the ‘day or the hour’ when Rosh Hashanah will begin, save God Almighty. This is one reason that some prophecy scholars (myself included) believe the Rapture could fall during this two-day feast.

Ok, I can already imagine the comments this post will likely get, but let me ask you to set aside any arguments just for a moment, for the point of this article is not whether or not Jesus will translate His Bride on Rosh Hashanah. No, the reason I am writing this is to challenge each of you (and myself) to prayerfully, honestly consider the implications of meeting Christ face-to-face one week from now.

I’ve been thinking about this possibility for about a month now, especially as I watch the Tribulation World coalesce before my very eyes.

• The nationalization of US banks (come one, isn’t that what this ‘bail-out’ boils down to?) deals a crushing blow to individual financial freedom.
• Israel is in both a political and defensive crisis (yes, Livni has received Peres’s approval to form a government — what, you didn’t know Shimon Peres is still running things? — but that government is very shaky, and you can bet Israel’s enemies will take advantage of it).
• Russia senses a shift in world power and is positioning its assets to fill the void once the US finishes imploding.
• Tony Blair’s “Faith Foundation” is setting up the Whore of Babylon. [link to tonyblairfaithfoundation.org]
• And we are just over 4 years shy of the Aion Sunteleia, or ‘The End of the Age’ (see Matthew 24:4). [link to www.blueletterbible.org]
I mention this, because I personally believe this would be a likely date for the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ to occur — the ‘deification of Antichrist’ to coincide with the ‘rising of the Sun out of the mouth of the Dragon’ (Leviathan).

Yes, I could delve more deeply into each of the bullet points, and I could add dozens more, but again that is not the reason for this post.

If Jesus sent you a personal letter telling you that this year’s ‘Feast of Trumpets’ is when He’s scheduled to return, if you KNEW you had but one week to continue on earth, what would you change?

• Would you panic?
• Would you simply throw up your hands in resignation?
• Would you go on a week-long bender?

• Or would you ‘redeem the time’ and tell as many as possible that Jesus loves them and that the Bible has revealed what must surely happen in the final seven years of the world as we know it?

What you say now — what you do now — could help change the eternal destination for someone.

If you are a member of the Body of Christ — if you know Christ as personal Savior, then you are ’salt and light’ to a world that is dangerously close to decay and darkness.

Sure, we might all wake up on October 2nd and find the world is still spinning and sinning just like it always has — but what if we don’t?

Trust me, I’m preaching to myself here! Let us each make today count for Christ.

Do you know Him as Savior or is Jesus Christ just a name to you? Jesus is the risen Lamb of God, which means He provided the only ‘perfect’ sacrifice to cover all of your sins and mine. We can’t earn our salvation — we can only receive it by accepting Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice.

But have you accepted it?

If not, please read the Gospel of John (New Testament). [link to www.blueletterbible.org]
There you’ll discover how much Jesus loves you — and how He died for you — and that He rose again!

And He’s coming back — perhaps in a week or so.

Are you ready?


[link to sharonkgilbert.com]
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