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Subject Hydron Collider - Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani's Talk
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Original Message EXCERPTS

Here there is a handful people; you are coming from East, from West, from North, from South, for the occasion (of) Eid-ul Fitr; for the holy month you are coming here.

...we are trying also to remind you - and myself also with you - that servanthood is not only for Ramadan! Our servanthood (is) from (the) beginning up to (the) end of our life; we have been offered to be servants, obedient servants, to our Creator, to our Lord Almighty Allah.

You are coming here and it is a good proof for everyone that there is something (that is) reaching from man to man; that is spiritual reaching, spiritual relation(ship). We are not seeing wires, reaching to your hearts, no, but something from heart to heart (is) running! And you are coming here for that purpose!

And 21st centurys foolish philosophers and materialist and atheist profs and doctors and scientists, they are trying to deny (it), but (there is) no any proof for them. ...!

Do you think that I sent to you email or cmail or kmail ...or... 28, 29 letters... I am sending to you? But you are coming!

...And (the) beginning of their cursing... Kullu shayin indahu bi-miqdar... For everything there is a scale, there is a limit. When (you are) reaching that limit, you cant step more (ahead), (that is) the last limit for you!

Their last limit was (that) they were trying to do something against the Creators, the Lord of Heavens Order! They tried. I was hearing so nearly; I am not hearing such a foolishness (before) - that those foolish scientists and doctors and learnt people (are) trying to do something that it is against the Lords Will!

Just one month before I am hearing that they did... so many years they are digging under (the) Alp Mountains, to make something there, because they put a foolish idea or foolish theory, they are saying: (The) beginning of this universe, (the) beginning of it, (is) from one atom and that (was) exploding and then happened, just what happened... Yes, (the) Big Bang!

That theory is foolish (already) and then, to try something, as they are imagining, asking to do something, to look what (is) happening and that is (exceeding limits,) to attempt (to reach) from servanthood to Lordships Authority!

That is (something) that even Firaun (was) not thinking on it, to do that! ... Even Nimrod (was) not saying (this), Nero (was) not saying (this)! Who is saying (this)? Only Shaytan (is) saying (this)!

... They are trying not to say people (that): There is God! They are trying to make people to say: No God! That is their final target, not anything (else)!

And then - how many years they are digging under Switzerland? A huge tunnel! ...

And (this is the) last chance that they have been given, because they were reaching their final point of their authority that after that limit it belongs to the Lord only, (the) Creator, the Lord of Creation, (the) Creator!

And they tried to make something as a proof that everyone may see or may hear, to make people to say: No God! When they were touching this point - before one month perhaps I heard this, that they did it - (there was) coming to me an order to send one unseen servant...

They were trying to make it Sunday. That night (there was) coming to me (an) order: Send on them one Jinn, to make this... I was very angry! They were saying: Tomorrow we (are) doing this, we are doing that...

Before (the) sun (was) shining, that (Jinn) was reaching and making (the switch to) one side (down)...like this... And (when) they were coming to make (the experiment, they couldnt switch the electricity on)...

What happened? (Phoning each other...) Hallo! Look, what happened! Open this power station! Yes, Sir, we are ready, we opened (the) power station also, but (there is) no answer!

Ha?... What we shall say to people? We did such a big advertising on it: Today we are trying our Big Bang foolish theory? How we shall say to people? I dont know... How! We are 356 people, every day we were, one of us, was responsible...

And they were astonishing, saying: (It) cant be! What is there? And the last one there he is saying: O our brothers! Just I looked, when I am pressing that button, I was looking a very strange and huge creature that no one can imagine its design and my hands (were) beginning to (tremble, shake), like a ship on (an) ocean (that) cant stop itself...

What we shall say to people? (We can say that) only one button we lost it and we are looking, where it fell down in that huge tunnel.. we cant find (it); when we find it blablabla...!

That is (the) last point that now (it is) going to be taken from them every power, every power ... Now they should see! They should see! They reached (the) last point!

Therefore the Lord of Heavens sent one Command to that Saint that (the) whole world (is) under his authority, saying: Keep them away! Keep them away and that, what We granted to them from electricity power, just take it back and this Schalter (switch), make it down! Finished!...

O people... The Lord of Heavens created us and (He is) asking us to understand and to give our most high respect to His servanthood; to be His servants, to keep His Rules as a humble servant, yes!

(That is) so important! You must know (that), O mankind! Who (is) ordering to you to make sajdah and to pray, who (is) ordering to you? You must know that!

... O people, when you are hearing that (they are) calling you for praying, immediately leave your work and run for His service, for His servanthood!

O our Lord, keep our feet on Haqq, fix them, not to fall down. First Allah Almightys servanthood! He (has) not created you to be servants of dunya, He created you to be His servants, that is all. No any Pope can put an objection on it, no any Rabbi can put any objection on it, no any religious head, head of religion, may put an obection on that point! They must put their heads down! I am putting....

Pray for me that I can do my sajdah... I am not happy to sit on chair and to pray doing my head... l like to put my forehead on earth for my Lord - you ask that He can take this...



Source: Sohbet from Sunday, 31.8.08, the last day of Shaban Muíazzam

A heavenly Warning to all nations!


This Ramadan now just arrived and it is a last chance for humanity to make their hegemony on their egos, to take (the) power (away) from their egos and to give to their soul spiritual power! If (they are not) doing (this)- donít cry (about) what is going to happen! Billions, not millions, (are) going (to die)! Fasting is fighting against your egos, to take (the) power from your ego and to give (it) to your soul, to your spirituality. If not, you are going also!

That is what we are saying! And you are here (a) handful people also... I donít know (if) through (the) holy Ramadan (there is) going to be something.... but after Ramadan, I think that (there) should be something! For (the) holy Ramadan maybe Heavens (is) delaying (the) cursing and (Allah Almighty is) looking (at) His servants, what they are doing and (the) holy Will of Heavens through Shawwal may be in act. When (it is) coming in act, it is not going to stop, till (the) heavenly Revenge (is) reaching to whole nations that they are making their egos Sultan and they are not obeying the orders of (the) Sultan of Heavens!

You must be prepared, (prepare) yourself to be... if you may be here 3 days, one week, or ten days- but you must prepare yourself to reach to your homes! Here it is not a sheltered place for whole nations! Therefore we are giving, we have been ordered to say to people:

Whom they have their homes and their children, they must be hurry through (this) holy Ramadan to get back to their homes and (do) what we said; they must close their doors, only (come out) for their obligatory services that they may do, (otherwise) they may be through their homes!

I donít like anyone to move now from Europe, from East, West, America, Australia... to come here now! Because it (this island) may be closed and no one can move from here! They should be in (a) worst condition- ½ (of the) family (is) here, ½ (of the) family (is) there... I have been ordered to give a warning to people!


Sohbet from Thursday, 4.9.08
Peace comes with obedience


Therefore, should be so many events going to be, coming, that a person canít carry! Ask from Allah Almighty not to see, not to hear and not to be touched from heavenly Revenge!

This is a, perhaps may be last chance for whole nations through this holy month, (to see) what they are doing. May be (it is) going to increase crises and miseries and problems on earth, reaching to (the) top point, then going to explosion.

May Allah forgive us!

O people, run to Allah! We must run to Allah, we must try to keep (the) holy Orders of Heavens as much as possible. Then you should be sheltered by heavenly Shelter. If not, nothing can shelter you!

May Allah forgive us! O our Lord, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah!

That is (a) holy month that helps you and (is) urging you and forcing you to keep (the) holy Orders of Allah Almighty. Make your willpower much more powerful, to keep (the) holy Orders of Heavens.

If you are not fasting, you are going to be destroyed...
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