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Subject Astrology Prediction Part Two: McCain and Palin Will Win
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Original Message Walking Winston » Astrology Prediction McCain and Palin Will Win

[link to www.astrodispatch.com]

November 1st, 2008 @ 8:12 am by Walking WinstonSince

In my post on October 4th, Some Astrology for the Candidates: Who Will Heal the Nation? I emphasized the candidates’ planetary contacts to Chiron in the Uranus and Neptune conjunction chart that began a new cycle on October 24, 1993.

Chiron (representing wounds and the healing journey) in that chart was at the same degree as John McCain’s Sun, Palin’s Uranus, Obama’s Pluto and square Biden’s Saturn. I also quoted astrologer Edmund H. Wollmann, who calls the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune “A Collective Unconscious Awakening”, a cycle that is still in its seed stage.

According to Wollmann, the conjunction chart will continue to respond to transits for several years yet. The first thirty-degree applying aspect between the two cycling planets will occur in June 2009, when, as astrologer Michael Meyer says “At the semi-sextile, possibilities must first be brought into clear focus as attainable goals.” (See the post for the rest of this quote).

Since Saturn and Uranus (the old versus the new) are in exact opposition on Election Day, and a woman is very much involved in this election, first Hillary and then Sarah, I looked at an earlier cycle of the two planets–where they were when the Woman’s Vote amendment was ratified.

This occurred during the (45 year) cycle that began on September 9, 1897. On August 26, 1920 when the amendment was ratified, the two planets had reached their opposition (full moon effect). Women had fought for 70 years for the right to vote.

Today, eighty-eight years later, with another opposition between Saturn and Uranus exact on Election Day, also between a later degree of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, a woman is fighting for the right to be included in the leadership of this nation.

Another interesting thing about the opposition exact on Jun 7, 1920, is that Saturn was at 6 Virgo and Uranus at 6 Pisces. As mentioned in my post on October 4th, this Virgo degree (out of 360 degrees in the zodiac) is also the same degree as McCain’s Sun, Palin’s Uranus, Obama’s Pluto and squares Biden’s Saturn!

There is just too much for coincidence, including other meaningful contacts, but the one most striking is that the Saturn and Uranus opposition on August 26, 1920 is overlaid by the current Progressed Full Moon in the United States chart. The progressed Sun is at 4+ Pisces and the progressed Moon is at 3 Virgo (in exact opposition in December with the Moon at 4+ Virgo).

Full Moons are a culmination of whatever began at the New Moon and the United States Progressed New Moon began on October 14, 1994 at 20 Aquarius. This same degree has been transited by Neptune throughout this election process (Neptune takes 164 years to go around the zodiac so moves very slowly!). Neptune has been retrograde but goes direct TODAY(!) and is conjunct Sarah Palin’s natal Sun.

We’ve also experienced two lunar eclipses on these Pisces to Virgo degrees in the United States Progressed Full Moon chart, one on August 28, 2007, the other on February 20, 2008. They highlight Chiron in the 1993 Uranus Neptune chart and Saturn opposition Uranus in the June 7, 1920 chart - with Chiron and Saturn at 5-6 degrees Virgo.

One more thing - transiting Neptune is on Obama’s natal Ascendant - how he appears to others. Neptune represents either an ideal (positive) or a deception (negative) and my strong feeling from early on was that Obama’s charisma (ignited by Neptune) has grown very shallow and is showing the deception that lies behind it.

Whereas, transiting Neptune going direct while on Palin’s Sun - and the Sun is our very essence - reveals Palin to be the true charismatic leader who will help McCain with this election, reclaiming America’s ideals and helping us to regain the true spirit of democracy.

Superwomen # 4 - The Suff... November Skies by John an... 6 Responses to “Astrology Prediction Part Two: McCain and Palin Will Win”
1.melanie says:

I worried about Obama’s foggy persona a lot.

11/1/08 at 10:36 am (reply) 3.Gian Paul says:
Elsa, as a very experienced astrologer from what I gather when reading your posts you (and some of your readers) will agree with the following assertion of mine:

“Since astrology is no doubt linked to that celestial harmony which came after God decreed that there should be order to end the chaos (freely citing the Ancient Testament)”, one must presume that subsequent to that things never happen in isolation.

I had arrived at a McCain/Palin election victory by using other transits on other maps, one of which I consider the best horoscope for the USA (July 6, 1775,11 a.m. Philadelphia). But dressing the SIDEREAL MAP, more telling for mundane charts.

On BO: In his map (without using birth hour or place, both frankly in doubt as not having been confirmed) I would simply say: In my experience I have yet to meet an individual with both Jupiter and Saturn retrograde in his/her natal map who is truly successful in life.
The link to this came to mind when reading your comment on “shallowness”. Will soon see!

11/1/08 at 10:52 am (reply) 4.
admin says:
Gian Paul - I did not make a comment re: shallowness. I am not the writer of this piece… Elsa P

11/1/08 at 2:03 pm (reply) 6.Geri says:
Thank you for that analysis. I hope you are right, that they will win.

I’ve been feeling strongly for some time that McCain (counter to popular opinion) is a true healer for this land. It has been solidified by his choice in Palin. I believe strongly that the two of them, if given the opportunity, will start a new era of true healing on many levels and peace (always based on freedom) in this land.

The male/female wound is perhaps the deepest wound of all. And woman must be healed. She is connected to Earth.
McCain showed great courage, honor and belief in woman in taking the risk of ridicule in choosing an unknown.

What has Mr. Obama done with his aunt in Boston, now found to be in the country illegally? did he stand behind her? Her sent her money back and sent her out of town.

I feel sorry for her. How much did that hurt?

11/1/08 at 9:14 pm (reply)
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