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Subject 432hz - The Tone Of Life. NWO is responsible for concert pitch A-440hz
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Original Message Listen to this song.

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In 1939
Joseph Geobels( propaganda Minister for nazi Germany)was the first to push for all music world wide to be played and listened to at A-440hz.
He failed.
But in 1953 the Elite had a meeting in london to finally IMPOSE the
a-440hz Standard Concert Pitch.And Suceeded.
prof Dussaut of the Paris conservatory had a poll of over 20,000 of the head classical musicians of france and they all voted unanimously for A-432hz but the Elite does not care what others think now do they?

There is more than one reason for doing this.
1) Goebels knew that a-432 was the ONLY resonant frequency
that had perfect harmonic balance.
2) he also new that locked inside the A-432 struture was one
of pandoras boxes.

the math that is evident when tuned to a-432 show what I like to call
"the Plato Code"

Just like there are hidden codes writen into the bible.
there are also hidden codes in the 432 matrix.
432 is THE ONLY resonant frequency that is capable of natually
reproducing what is called the "Pythagorian Musical Spiral"
its the same sequence of growth that all life follows.
it utilizes the formula of "Phi" also know as the "Golden Mean"
and is also found in the "Fibonnaci sequence"

I know this may be alot to take in but what I`m trying to say in a nutshell
A-432= Very Good....lol.

[link to www.myspace.com]
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