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Subject The "Rapture" date has been Established, and is now made known to the “elect” who trust in the Name of the LORD of Spirits
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Original Message Because the Book of Enoch is the origin of the Rapture and the Second Coming, I asked the LORD of Spirits to send one of HIS holy one's to guide me through my search for the Rapture date. Lo & behold, its actually in the BoE, the year, the month, and the day. But its a long way from here, anyhow, here’s all the verses and info leading to it, the “calendar” link is a must read to fully appreciated the encryption involved.

1Enoch.58:[1]In the five hundredth year, and in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month, of the lifetime of Enoch, in that parable, I saw that the heaven of heavens shook; that it shook violently; and that the powers of the Most High, and the Angels, thousands and thousands, and myriads of myriads, were agitated with great agitation. And when I looked, the Ancient of Days was sitting on the throne of his glory, while the angels and saints were standing around HIM.

The above is consistent with the following;1Enoch. Chapter 2:[1]Behold, HE comes with ten thousands of his Saints, to execute judgment upon them, and destroy the wicked, and reprove all the carnal for everything which the sinful and ungodly have done, and committed against HIM. Obviously Enoch chose to put this in Chapter (2) as a clue for those searching the date of the grand finally, “thanks Enoch!” It is at the Second Coming that the Rapture takes place, but before the Punishment. Continuation of Chapter 58 to Rapture date;

1Enoch.58:[5]But when the time shall come, then shall the power, the punishment, and the judgment take place, which the LORD of Spirits has prepared for those who prostrate themselves to the judgment of righteousness, for those who abjure that judgment, and for those who take HIS name in vain.[6]That day has been prepared for the elect as a day of covenant; and for sinners as a day of inquisition.

[5]But when the time shall come, then shall the power, the punishment, and the judgment take place,
[5]But when the time shall come, then shall the power, the punishment, and the judgment take place,

Ahhhh “when the time shall come” meaning that GOD descends but does not Judge immediately. The above is the second time GOD descends from the throne, because at the first time there was no inquisition for the sinners, only Flood waters, and all three parables that Enoch speaks in the Book all speak of the Second Coming. So then, “what does the LORD do until that time?” For this the Holy one had me look at the dream the Son of Man had.

1Enoch.89:[26]I saw also that the LORD of the Sheep came to them, and taking in HIS hand the sceptre of HIS wrath seized the earth, which became rent asunder; while all the beasts and birds of heaven fell from the sheep, and sunk into the earth, which closed over them.

while all the beasts and birds of heaven fell from the sheep,
while all the beasts and birds of heaven fell from the sheep,

Ahhhh so that’s what GOD does!!!! The LORD my brothers & sisters removes the birds of Heaven from the sheep just like the first time before the Flood, GOD chains up the fallen Angels that took the daughters of men for wives & the spiritual fallen Angels too, something that only the Son of Man can teach you. As for the beast, they are “the Giants” the offspring of the angels minus the giant gene (DNA) who have tyrannized mankind once again. At this point you're probably asking, “how can we be sure that this dream will lead to the Rapture date?” Well, lets keep reading the remainder of the Dream.

1Enoch.89:[27]I saw, too, that a large sword was given to the sheep, who went forth against all the beasts of the field to slay them. [28]But all the beasts and birds of heaven fled away from before their face. [29]And I saw a throne erected in a delectable land; [30]Upon this sat the LORD of the Sheep, who received all the sealed books; [31]Which were open before him.

Now I know what your thinking, if the birds of Heaven and the beasts sunk into the earth that closed over them, “how are they back again?” Simple, the BoE predicts another fall of angels of ancient Greek-gods proportions. Click on the link below to read “Rise of the Greek Gods 2”
Thread: DISCOVERY: Nearby future there will be a "second rise" of the Greek-Gods. BoE predicted Zeus & the Titans.

Let us continue to the Rapture date. The dream continues with the Temple being built and “then” the LORD sitting on the throne of his glory receives the book of Life. Your probably asking, “how can I be sure that those who are Raptured build the Throne?” Well lets keep reading Holy scriptures where the Rapture and the Second Coming originated from.

1Enoch.92:[13]Afterwards there shall be another Week, the eighth of righteousness, to which shall be given a sword to execute judgment and justice upon all oppressors. [14]Sinners shall be delivered up into the hands of the righteous, who during its completion shall acquire habitations by their righteousness; and the house of the Great KING shall be established for celebrations for ever. After this, in the ninth Week, shall the judgment of righteousness be revealed to the whole world. [15]Every work of the ungodly shall disappear from the whole earth; the world shall be marked for destruction; and all men shall be on the watch for the path of integrity.

so the Throne “is” erected in the eighth Week (ours), and only in the ninth Week does GOD reveal the Judgment to World. So the LORD’S scriptures are consistent, the LORD doesn’t contradict HIMSELF, how wonderful to read from a Book without “lies!” But your asking, “how can I be sure that it’s the date of the Rapture?” Enoch wrote many good things, in fact, all Christian - Judaism - Muslim fundamentals and belief came from Enoch (BoE). The Great KING also revealed many secrets by His words, but never, never, did He “ever” go into detail about dates such as the above in Chapter 58. The Rapture & Second Coming are described in details for those of us who still have eyes that can see and possess “free will” to choose, most are stripped of this freedom, and are slaves to the faiths they were born into, not understanding why they must believe what they believe, only that they must, because its what they were told.

The Calendar of GOD must be used at this point.
Thread: Book of Enoch CALENDAR - needed for calculating RAPTURE date & The Second Coming.

The calendar is made up of 10 Weeks, every week has 777 years, and today being 2008 on our calendar is the fifth day of the eighth Week on the LORD’S calendar. Before this 8th Week is completed the righteous who are elected will be "Raptured" to a delectable land “Paradise Eden” and those who trusted in the Name of the LORD of Spirits begin to live eternally and build the 2nd Temple. The exact date of the Rapture is the 500th year of the 8th Week. This translate to the year 2054 on our calendar. The exact month Enoch says is the 7th, and the day is the 14th. Despite the Vatican also meddled with the calendar, I suspect GOD foresaw this eventuality, and therefore, the 10 days the Vatican removed are inline with the 10 Weeks of GOD bringing the Rapture date to July 3rd 2054 on a Friday, the Sabbath.

The 3rd represents the (3) parables of Enoch fulfilling the Rapture & Second Coming prophecies.

And if we subtract 500 from 777 we have 277

(2) represents the second coming, (7) represents the first Temple that was destroyed in 70 AD, and finally the last (7) represents the everlasting House of the Great KING Enoch. Amen!
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