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Subject STFU about Global Warming and READ THIS NOW
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Original Message Alright everybody, get a grip on this fucking Global Warming bullshit:

1) The Earth suffers greatly from our abuses and mismanagement.

2) There is some crazy fuckin shit going on in the natural world; some as a result of our abuses, some as a result of natural cycles and causes.

3) There is not agreement in the scientific community regarding the cause or solution of these problems INCLUDING climate change BY A LONG SHOT. This is a NWO/govt/media lie.

4) The solutions that are being proposed and PUSHED by the government and the media WILL NOT WORK. They are tools to further enslave humanity.

5) The human race definitely needs to take better care of the Earth and consider the ramifications of our actions and choices.

6) The problem will not be solved by the government, technology, etc. It will be solved ONLY by a massive change in culture and the way we look at the world. Are we the rulers of Earth or citizens?

7) These choices need to be made on a person by person basis.


You don't like climate change? Worried about air quality? Cute little caterpillars in Vietnam? Tropical rainforests?

THEN TAKE RESPONSIBLITY YOURSELF. Don't sit around on your lazy fuckin ass bitching about cocksucking politcians not doing anything. The only thing they'll do is fuck it up even more while making themselves and their bitch friends rich and further enslaving the common people.

YOU. Do something.

Don't wait for Al fucking Gore to save you or fuckin Obama or Pickens or what the fuck ever you all are waiting for.

Take actions now. Don't buy from companies that pollute. Period. Grow as much food for yourself as you can. Buy local, buy organic. Support privately owned businesses even when it costs more. Turn off the TV more often. READ A REAL BOOK. Drive your car less. Use glass bottles instead of plastic.

Don't recycle, RE-USE. Sue companies that pollute your local water, air, etc. Don't eat factory farmed animals - especially beef.

Read "The Tipping Point". Read "Ishmael". Read "The Omnivores Dilemma". Read "Mad Cowboy".

Don't depend on the government to take care of your local natural resources. They obviously SUCK ASS at taking care of everything.

The reason its happening DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER. It's happening. Sometimes major climate change just happens - people survive anyway. Sometimes we really fuck shit up.

Make the fucking sacrifice then tell other people about it. This is how real change is made. Not just by sitting around bitching and fighting about it.

Although bitching is fun. Just make sure you're doing something too.
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