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Original Message ROAD TRIP
By Eagle Flys

I Just got off a two-week road trip because I needed to get out in the real world and away from cyber- space. As I traveled around I once again learned a lot about the human species and what it is capable of.

Near Del Rio Texas, I stopped to help a woman who was broke down. She told me that she had been broke down since 3 am in the morning it was now about 7 a.m. She had counted 45 cars that had gone by, and no one had stopped. She went on to say that she was trying to get to her daughter's place because she was not doing well, expecting a child on the way. The doctors could not get a heartbeat in a 19 week old fetus. Now the strange part: I had driven that road the day before on my way to San Antonio. I stopped at a town about 40 miles from where she had broken down for the night. In the morning I decided not to go there and headed back towards Del Rio where I found her, where she'd been sitting in the middle of nowhere since three in the morning. Things turned out OK for her; we got a tow truck, and I took her into Del Rio and dropped her off at her daughter's. Then I continued on to Fresno California. On the way there and back home, I stopped to help five more people who had car trouble. For most, I simply helped change a tire or gave them a ride to get a tow truck. I heard the same story every time, that no one would stop to help; not even the police would stop to lend a hand.

(Three days later she phone me to say that the doctors had removed the dead fetus and that the daughter was doing fine.)

Here's the point people: We need to pull together and help one another, because if we don't, you will find that in your time of need there won't be anyone to help you. I'm not saying that everyone is this way, but from those who would not stop to help, I expect the most criticism.

In this country, the formerly common practice of helping your fellow man is being lost, this loss of humanity or humanism more so in the last ten years. To help your fellow man used to be taught to us at a very early age, usually by example, but now it's a “me, me, me” world. “What's in it for me, what do I get out of it?” I know that I must help my fellow man whether I'm in a hurry or not. I know that the Ancients sent me out there to reaffirm my spirit. It causes me great pain the see the vast indifference to man and the unwillingness to lend a hand to help. Do you see yourself here?

For those of you who are good religious people, to not even stop and offer help goes against your very teachings. Yet I, a “pagan shaman”, so care and do act. I've written about helping and having compassion for your fellow man before. (“Compassion”)

And for all you “New-Agers”, the road to “riches” is not “me, me, me”, the road to enlightenment is not “me, me, me”. The true path is not what you get out of it, or what you expect to get out of it, but is a true richness of your mind, body and soul. Look into your New Age teachings, do you find any mention of helping others? If you look carefully, you'll discover that the message is, “What's in it for me?” I'll lay you ten to one odds that your “gurus” would be the first to pass someone in trouble by, because they couldn't sell them a CD or make any money off them.

I'm under the impression that you all talk big, but when it comes right down to it you just don't give a damn about anyone but yourselves . Well I say to you all that's not what made this country great, nor is it the true way to behave and act. “Man is a higher species”? I say to you, many of you have proven that man is actually a lower species.
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