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Subject Marijuana is no good
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Original Message We should legalize all drugs including Marijuana

but honestly, Marijuana is no good

youll notice all pot heads are clouded in the head

this is not true of opioid users, who remain very clear headed and dont get all weird. Cigarette has the opposite effect, it increases mental clarity. Psychedelics arent a problem wither because people do not do them daily like the pot heads do weed daily.

also its really dumb when the pot heads post threads saying "Cannabis cures cancer" or "Cannabis cures AIDS" or they list 1000 other medical conditions and say it CURES it

also, its really dark and unethical and selfish of the pot heads to say "legalize my drug, but keep all others illegal"

The pot heads get all weird and shit. i know one that says vocanic eruptions and earth quakes occur because waves are beamed to her brain and her brain retransmits them to control the weather.

i know other pot heads that are like the girl i described above as well

also, when they quit pot, they start thinking clearly again

Im very concerned about the bias that pot is god almighty. if you think about it, its like a grade D+ drug with lots of side effects.

also, pot heads are less social, they arent loving people either

our goal should be to make people as euphoric, functional and clear minded and loving and sociable as possible. pot is very distant from this
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