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Subject Number 13 – Divergence, Deviation, Distortion, Cleansing, Nihilism, Lucifer, Ahriman, “black” teacher
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Original Message Number 13 – Divergence, Deviation, Distortion, Cleansing, Nihilism, Lucifer, Ahriman, “black” teacher

As we saw previously, the number 12 could not establish a genuine harmony in the material world. Partially, the reason why this happens is because it is an even number and as such can be divided by 2. This implies contradictions and confrontations, which are inherent for this number (and for any even number for that matter). The next one – the number 13 places emphasis on these inner contradictions and accentuates them. By amplifying the “dark” side of the number 12, all the inner conflicts of this number become awfully visible and painfully obvious. The process of bringing the dark elements of a structure to light and accentuating them is called “black teaching” and the people performing it are called “black” teachers. This perfectly explains the name Lucifer, which literally means “The Light Bringer.” However, we must not forget that what actually is brought to light by Lucifer are the dark elements of the structure.

Every coin has two sides and depends on who is looking and what the purpose of observation is, the same phenomenon can be described in two totally different and opposing ways. For example, every man has some positive and some negative traits. A certain person can be described as a very positive one (family man, good-hearted, good father and so on) but this very person can be also described as a very bad one (for example he smokes, watches too much football, is impractical and so on). The reality is that everybody has some good and some bad character traits. The “white” teachers concentrate on what is positive about people and try to help them to increase their potential in those areas. The “black” teachers concentrate on the negative side of people, trying to put them down on every possible occasion. Ultimately, both “white” and “black” teachers have a very important role; the first ones, because they give us compassion and support when we most need it; the second ones, because they make our faults so painfully obvious, that in despair we are forced to do something about them and improve.

We can see that the final result that both teachers achieve is the same, but the methods differ greatly. The “white” teachers express love towards other people, the “black” teachers express hate (which is essentially love again, but with a negative sign, i.e. the “black” teacher loves himself immensely, thus trying to eliminate everybody else around). The “white” teacher concentrates only on what is positive about a person, the “black” teacher concentrates only on what is negative about the same person. We love the “white” teachers and we are afraid of the “black” ones, but from a higher point of view, ultimately both of them guide us in the same direction where we are supposed to go.

One of the main methods of operation of the “black” teacher is the deviation and distortion of the energy, which otherwise would be regarded as ideal and perfect. For example since 13 = 12 + 1, one of the favourite approaches of the number 13 is to take the spiritual and harmonious purity of the number 12 and to distort it in such a way that some other qualities come up to light, which were not noticeable before. In such a way, one can see the hidden antagonism, scepticism, and even nihilism in something, where before one could see harmony, beauty, and perfect order only. The aim of this “enlightenment” of the dark side of things is to prove, for example, that there is no such thing as a spiritual world. According to the “black” teacher, all processes in life can be explained according to the physical, chemical and other laws that are inherent to the material (and not to the spiritual) reality. The “black” teacher (the number 13) will make everything possible to make us believe that everything of a spiritual nature is just an illusion, a fantasy, a deception and that absolutely everything in the real world can be explained with logistic arguments, based on the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and other official sciences.

To a certain degree, this theory holds true and this is why so many people around the world are blinded by it. By applying some logical gimmicks, everything that happens in the material reality can be explained with a series of events happening in the same material reality. On one hand, this is true, but this theory does not explain where the driving force for such events originates. This has to do with the so called level of abstraction. If we place our level of abstraction very low, then everything seems material, but if we raise it, we see the spiritual world guiding the material. Let us take for example, somebody who runs. On a low level of abstraction, we can say that this man runs, because certain groups of muscles in his legs are contracting and expanding, which brings the whole body into motion. We can go one step further and say that there are certain impulses that originate in his brain. Then they are being transmitted via the nerve cells towards his muscles, thus controlling the body movement in the desired fashion. While this is all true, it indicates a very low level of abstraction, because it does not reveal to us the real reasons why the man is actually running. In order to explain that, we have to raise our level of abstraction, and look at the man’s thoughts.

Then, we may find, for example, that this person thinks that he is a bit overweight and wants to loose some weight. This is the reason why he has decided to run every day for 10 minutes, for example. From this new level of abstraction, we can see that his thoughts (and not just the muscles by themselves) are actually controlling his actions. But we can go even one level up in our abstraction and discover that this person has decided to run every day after being inspired by accidentally watching a documentary on TV about the benefits of fitness. Inspiration is another level of abstraction. We can go even further up and see that on an even higher (spiritual) level, this person must lose weight, because his physical body is not in a proper condition to accept correctly the spiritual vibrations that are shaping his spiritual development. Thus, he has been guided to watch the above mentioned TV program in order to get inspiration and so on.

You can see that essentially the spiritual world is controlling everything. The process starts at the Higher self (see my article “The Sevenfold Human Structure”), and it is going down through the Buddhi body, causal body, mental body, astral body, etheric body and then finally to the physical body. But the level of abstraction of the number 13 is the physical body itself, and from its perspective, the other (spiritual) levels do not exist. For this reason, all actions in the material reality are explained by a mere movement of muscles and signals produced in the physical brain. In such a way, the number 13 is very devious in proclaiming that anything of a spiritual nature is illusionary and imaginary. At the same time, the number 13 is perfectly aware of the existence of the spiritual world, but it is being extremely deceitful by forcing people to lower their level of abstraction and believe that the material reality is the only reality. Why is this theory so dangerous? Because by denying the spirit, the number 13 is denying the evolution, and the whole purpose of the existence of humanity, which is the evolvement towards a greater and greater spirituality. By lowering our level of abstraction to the material reality only, we can observe everything around us as a movement of molecules and atoms, chemical processes and a variety of physical phenomena, but this will never explain to us what the real purpose of all these processes are.

Although he teaches otherwise, the “black” teacher is perfectly aware of the spiritual world. Both Lucifer and Ahriman are in fact spiritual beings and as habitants of the spiritual world, they are without a glitch aware of its existence. However, by inspiring the “black” teachers that work under their supervision to lower their level of abstraction to the material reality only, they make them see the things from one side only. This is very dangerous for the “black” teachers themselves and for their students too. In some extreme cases the nihilism of the “black” teacher can become disproportional and when that happens a rather different theory is being proposed: that the whole purpose of the existence is not actually evolution, but regression and involution, i.e. regressing back to what we were originally. It is easy to see that the number 13 does not have its own directions and methods; all it does is simply invert and distort the existent directions and methods coming from the spiritual world, for which existence the number 13 is perfectly aware.

The aim of the number 13 is the destruction of the illusion about a cosmic harmony. And as such, the number 13 has a very important role – to separate the grain from the chaff. By attacking and eliminating the structures on the material plane that have a weak connection with the spiritual world, the number 13 is assisting in sustaining those structures only that are strong enough spiritually and possess a true, live and working connection with it. Here we can make the remark that the spiritual world is vast and has many levels, therefore from the point of view of the number 13 those structures that maintain workable relationships with the spiritual worlds close to Ahriman and Lucifer will be definitely given preference. Only such workable structures, that maintain and support the life in the material reality will be allowed to continue their existence on earth and the important role of the number 13 is exactly this: to eliminate all the others.

The person of the number 13 can encounter three types of situations where the energy of this number can be manifested: either he can find himself in situations where his faults and shortcomings become painfully obvious, or he can meet a “black” teacher in person, or he can become one himself. Besides, the levels of manifestations of the energy of number 13 can vary widely from very subtle and refined temptation up to a brutal and crude compulsion. In the best case scenario, the person may be tempted to examine and analyse almost unnoticeable weak spots in persons or situations. In the worst case scenario, the person of the number 13 will have the compulsion to expose brutally and sentence without mercy the weaknesses and blunders in other people and situations.

The “black” teachers are as necessary from the evolutionary point of view as the “white” teachers are. The missions of both types of teachers are crucial, as everything in the Universe must remain in balance. The important thing to bear in mind here is that the people of the number 13 have to work out the situations that are presented to them in life without sliding down in their spiritual level in the process. Often this is a very difficult task. Another peculiarity of the number 13 is that although it is “locked up” in the material reality, it is in fact directly controlled by the spiritual world. This happens because the number 13 belongs to the 4th level of spirit manifestation and as such, it is in a direct connection with the spiritual world. From there it draws a lot of its strength. Metaphorically, if we accept that Purgatory is a place of pain and suffering, where the soul achieves its ultimate purification, then this place can be regarded as an integral part of the Paradise. It may sound weird, but as the unconditional purity of the soul is an absolute pre-requisite of entering the heaven, then the Purgatory should be regarded as nothing else, but as the reception area of the very Paradise.

The number 13 can manifest itself in variety of different forms. The two extremes of its manifestation are the elegant and the unscrupulous forms, and all the subtleties in between. It is by all means a very strong number and its main aim is to slide people down in their spiritual development by burying them in everything that we call “materialistic”. The main temptation that the number 13 presents to people is to live their lives in the pleasures and happiness of the physical body, thus delaying (or in some cases even reversing) their spiritual development. This is very serious danger, because it undermines the main purpose of living a life on earth. Since the things in the spiritual and the material worlds are often reversed, what may be regarded as a “very good life” on earth may be in fact catastrophic from a spiritual perspective and vice versa. The number 13 is however very clever, cunning, and treacherous in presenting the things as “good” while in fact they are quite bad and vice versa. For this reason, fighting this number on a horizontal level (i.e. by simply applying the earth logical thinking and reason, without seeking the help of the angelic hierarchies) is extremely difficult and often unsuccessful.

The number 13 possesses the energy of the spiritual world, since it is directly connected with it, but it is insidiously hiding this fact and tries to entice people to live a “common-sense”, materialistic type of life. By so doing, people are led to believe that they possess the “true” and “scientific” knowledge of the Universe, which according to this number consists from molecules, atoms and particles only and nothing else. And while people continue to live with this belief, the number 13 sinisterly taps into their souls, auras and minds (the spiritual parts of people) in order to find their weak spots and control them even better. The best way to fight this number is to acknowledge and truly believe that besides the matter, the spiritual world exists. Then through humility and prayer, we can seek the help of the angelic hierarchy and as a result, we can reach the vibration level of the number 14, where this problem is solved.

13 = 10 + 2 + 1 Metaphorically, the devil (13) is a human (10) with horns (2) and a tail (1). The horns symbolise the antagonism and polarisation and the tail symbolises the channel (the connection) with the spiritual world

13 = 10 + 3 The road to hell (13) for humanity (10) is paved with good /harmonious/ (3) intentions

13 = 6 + 7 The “black” teacher (13) makes us believe that the world comprises matter only (6) but by so doing, he makes us more spiritual (7).
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