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Subject Amish people are Freemen On The Land
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The Bible commands you to jump out of the FrogPot, and it tells you how:
Proverbs 23:1-3 (AMP):
1 When you sit down to eat with a ruler, consider who and what are before you;
2 For you will put a knife to your throat, if you are a man given to desire.
3 Be not desirous of his dainties, for they are deceitful food (offered with questionable motives)

The following letter tells you how to push your chair back from the King's table and walk out of the palace into simple freedom with your head still attached.

Dear Amish Brethren,

Government propaganda says the Washington Government operates under the Constitution.
The truth is, it actually operates mostly under CONTRACT LAW. Contracts supersede the Constitution, and many Amish have unknowingly signed many "adhesion contracts" with the government. These "Invisible contracts" are very real, and are sealed by your receiving a "benefit." You entered into these contracts voluntarily, by choice, giving them ironclad legal power over you.
When a Commercial contract with the "King" ( Government) is in effect, the Bill of Rights is irrelevant, and properly so, as the Consitution forbids interference with contracts. This information comes from a Federal Judge and is supported by thousands of Federal Statues and Supreme Court Rulings.

Think of each signature you give as the pincher of a vise-grip - the point of control by which your whole body is held at the whim of your slave-masters.

When you are involved with the "King", you "strike hands in a pledge, breaking Yesu's command to "swear no oath, and let your yes be 'yes' and your no be' no'." You exit the wonderful status of "independent man upon the land", and accept the government's contract jurisdiction (control).
Here are some ways you may have "vowed to your own hurt":
FORM 4029
This form sounds like it gives you "exemption" from a tax you would otherwise owe, but unless you have somehow contracted to owe the SS tax, you don't owe it.
Form 4029 only gives you the BENEFIT of a number with which you can engage more easily in "the King's Commerce."
In return for the benefits the number gives you, you pay dearly because:
1) Form 4029 declares you, (a previously unindentured freeman), to be a "TAXPAYER", a code-word that binds you to the entire 7000+ pages of the Internal Revenue Code, and more.
2) Form 4029 contains a forbidden Perjury Oath (cleverly called a perjury declaration)
3) Form 4029 collects your signature
4) Form 4029 associates you with the "ALL CAPS NAME" which the Government owns and controls
5) Form 4029 asserts that you owe many other taxes which you don't actually owe (unless you are party to certain contracts)
OPTION : Do not ever sign any IRS form. Those forms are very cleverly worded traps. A free man is not liable to any Federal corporation just by being born upon this land. The only way one can be held liable to the IRS is by contracting for a benefit. Do not accept any governmnent benefit.
For added protection, do not amass large stores of personal taxable wealth (dollars). If you have wealth, re-invest it in your families or ministries.
You might want to take a look at your signature card for your bank account. It says, "I agree to be bound by all the rules of this bank." Ask your bank manager for a copy of all the rules you have accepted criminal liability for by signing that card. They cannot give the entire mass of those rules to you because the bank's rules include all statutes of the "Secretary of the Treasury" of the Federal Reserve. When you sign that application you've agreed to be taxed, searched, audited, and controlled by the IRS. All FDIC/FSLIC State and Federally chartered member banks of theFederal Reserve are "instrumentalities of the Washington Government."
OPTION : Never sign anything you don't completely understand. Have as few bank accounts as possible, and none in your personal name. Instead bank privately. If you absolutely feel you must use a bank you can set up a trust that has a TIN (Taxpayer ID Number). In any case your name will remain un-enumerated. Get someone outside of the community to set up the account. Trade in cash or substance (gold, barter, et c) whenever possible.
It is best not to use checks at all.
When you sign a check with only your name, you validate your use of the "Mark" (dollar sign). This is an invisible contract binding you to the rules of "The King's Commerce."
OPTION: Have checks written out with any of the following language: "Pay to bearer on sight, payable on presentment, NEGOTIABLE." "Checks are negotiable instruments according to UCC 3-104" (the clauses of the Uniform Commercial Code the bank is bound to.)
Stamp the check "No liability assumed, no value assured."
They may require you to put your name on the endorsement.
There should be no fee, no need to show ID, and less bondage under invisible contracts.
But again, don't use checks if you can at all help it.
You have wisely avoided all insurance. GOOD for you! Keep it up!
A Federally-regulated insurance plan, pension fund, stock account, or credit union account, carries the same Federal Adhesion contracts as with a bank account.
You do not need a marriage license. A license is "a document which gives one permission to do an otherwise illegal act." Marriage was invented by our Creator and is not illegal. (Marriage licenses were invented to allow 'whites' to marry 'blacks', which was "illegal" at the time.) A marriage license is a 3-way contract between you, your wife, and the State. A marriage license places the couple under any whim of the government because you sign it saying that you are married "according to the laws of the State." Those laws say that the fruit of the marriage (your property and children) are under State jurisdiction under 42 USC **666**. That gives them the right to take your children away and to divorce you, separate your property, control your children's education, etc.
OPTION: Be celibate or married under Common Law. Never get a marriage license. Document your marriage in your family scriptures like your grandparents did.
"Do not become surety for another."
When you get a birth certificate, the hospital sends the certificate to the Washington Government, who then use that Certificate to pledge your child's body and future labor as collateral for a loan from the Central bank(s). They use that loan to fund wars. The birth certificate is the starting point of a system that seeks to track and control your child for life. No law requires you to get a birth certificate.
OPTION: Do not get a birth certificate. Try to have all your babies at home. There are excellent midwives nearby. If you do go to a hospital do not name your baby at the hospital. Do not allow the baby to be fingerprinted. Invoke your freedom of religion. Make your own "Birth Record", with no reference to the State.
Selective Service Registration places you under the jurisdiction of the military.
OPTION: Do not do sign any contracts, and the State will have no jurisdiction over you and therefore be unable to enforce any requirement to register for the draft. The State will not even know who to send the form to.
The postal service is a federal agency that tracks, logs, and sometimes reads, all mail sent by or to you. This mail is a powerful record and testimony to your contractual legal status of "Federal Resident" which you do not accept.
OPTION: Address mail:
Forwarding Agent
City, State-spelled-out (i.e. "New Jersey", not 'NJ') and optionally Zip code (if necessary)
Never identify yourself as a "resident" of anything, particularly a two letter All-Caps Federal Zone, i.e. TN.
In addition to placing you under the same Central Bank control as a personal bank account, borrowing money from the world is forbidden by the Bible:
"The borrower is slave to the Lender."
"Owe no man anything except the debt of love." ... "Debt is a curse." ... "the Lender's the head and the borrower's the (butt) tail."
OPTION: Never borrow money from the world.
(This point is hotly debated but the answer is valid, no matter the exact meaning of the capitalization.)
Look at your bills. Do they list your name as "John Yoder" or "JOHN YODER"? Every time you answer to YOUR NAME by paying a bill with your personal signature, you strengthen the legal connection between your flesh-and-blood-self and the fictional "US PERSON" who is under State jurisdiction and is surety for the national debt.
OPTION:Terminate any relationship with anyone who requires that you do business with them as your NAME spelled in ALL CAPS. Insist that your Name be spelled in proper English literary style: e.g. "John Yoder." If you unfortunately 'own' registered land and thus have to pay property taxes, have someone else pay the taxes for you, or pay by cash. Get a receipt, and don't sign anything.
WIth clean air, modern emergency medicine, and lots of exercise, Mennonite people should approach the scripture's 120-year age limit.
But around the pathetic average American death-age of 76 years, Amish drop like flies.
Here's why: White flour, white sugar, corn syrup, sweeteners, monosodium glutamate, tobacco, caffeine, and most additives in English food are poisons that are weakening and killing our people. In only takes a generation or two of eating such foods to make you so weak, sick, and indebted that you lose your farms and your culture. This happened in Russia.
OPTION: Abandon worldly food and drugs for a Biblical diet of pure, living, mostly raw food, and diabetes, cancer, seizures, obesity, dental disease, etc. will stop ravaging your people.
Drugs do not generally cure any disease. Drugs mask symptoms and create side-effects. Doctor's drugs are killing us and destroying our minds. Good, raw, organic food and herbs are the Creator's medicine. The Amish are wearing their neighbors out by asking for rides to Doctors who often just make them sicker.
OPTION: "Flee Pharmakeia" (Pharmacy).
Pesticides are poisons running into your wells and ponds, poisoning your food, and making you sick. Your grandparents didn't use pesticides and they survived.
OPTION: You may have to use special techniques because of the world's use of pesticides around you. Grow food for your family in greenhouses or indoor raised bed "square foot gardens" which are 5 times more efficient than outdoor row gardens with 5 times less water. Eat food fresh, raw, and organic. Most health problems will go away.
All of the stores sell Genetically Modified Seeds which will not re-grow, so you depend on the corporate system for your food supply. GMO plants may also cause health problems.
OPTION: Save good heirloom seeds which have never been genetically modified.
Amish have done very well in this regard.
People who drive cars risk unrighteous sufferings incurred for driving unlicensed, and bear a huge liability for the damage the car might cause. Better to make what you need on your farm and trade for the occasional rides.
Right now you are suffering not because of direct persecution, but because you have accepted the King's loaded contracts. But within a decade or two you should expect to be persecuted by mad, competely lawless men, as your forefathers were. As soon as your property tax values exceed the cash-flow the county gets by using your Amish community as a tourist attraction, expect to be forced out of town.
OPTION: "When they persecute you in one place, flee to another."
Be looking around for much cheaper land in a place relatively free of the Beast's regulation (and "benefits").
Gasoline prices have doubled in the past year and will go probably to 10 times the current price within the next 15 years ($30/gallon).
OPTION: Convert to windmills for your water pumps, and make sure you can survive without any "English" funds.
"Come out of her, my people, and be not partakers in her sins!"

the best way to defend yourself against Contracts of Adhesion is to go back to the very seminal point of contract formation and attack the very existence of the contract at its origin, by proving that you did not accept any benefits, since the adhesion contract, like all other contracts, came into effect whenever benefits, offered conditionally, were accepted by you. And where the records show that benefits have been accepted, the liability will always follow.
Viewing this from a Judge's perspective, this means two things: When did you decline the benefits, and how did you decline the benefits?
Decline ALL benefits!
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