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Subject ALERT - ALASKA, JAPAN & PHILLIPINES Devastation Alert - This Woman Saw & Felt 9/11 Before It Happened
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Original Message Crying In My Spirit ....
Jeanne Kruchowski Feb 01, 2005

As I was praying on Sunday, I started to cry out for babies to be saved (not to feel what is coming, for they will cry and not understand anything going on around them), I heard the word "mountains shall be moved" and "Alaska" and "stars are falling".

I cried, cried for those who will be running.

Today I have felt much heaviness, and Alaska has been on my mind, I feel a sadness for them, for to me, it has already happened, the devastation that is coming, whether it is tomorrow or in a week, I felt it, just like I did before 9/11, it will happen, and Alaska, the southern peninsula will be no more. But there are righteous ones there, and for them I have prayed, not that I am anyone special, I could just feel their need for support.

I also saw a "star" or asteroid, whatever, falling into the 40 degree horizontal parallel, I guess you call it. Japan shall be devastated, the Philippines wiped out. I cried because I feel the loss of life in my spirit and prayed that the missionaries there will lead some home in their final hours on this earth.

There will be an earthquake in Iraq I believe also, as that was something I heard also.

The time is fleeing, hear what He is saying, you donīt know how important it might be.
Shalom, Jeanne

I had a dream last night (Now Monday Morning) and this is what the Lord showed me. I saw the sun rise and set four times. I am led to believe this means four days?. I saw waves coming in surging inland, I do not know if this means literal waves? or waves of earthquakes?.
I then saw a richter scale.I saw lines shooting back and fourth quickly from one side to the other. I then heard audibly in the dream Vancouver Island. I then saw myself shaking back and forth So Violently. I do not know much about this Island do you? Is there a fault line near Vancouver? or one that leads up to Alaska. I donīt know much about this. Sherry
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