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Subject WOE, WOE, WOE
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Remember the ways of your fathers, when there was a righteous fear for God in this land it was blessed. All of the curses that have been allowed to happen are because we are dabbling in various forms of sorcery and predictions and numbers. We were warned about doing these things.

Woe to you who talk to spirits. They will lie and make you think they are something else. Mention the name of Jesus around them and they will flee if they are not of god.

Woe to you sinful hard headed people you try to reach up to God but he has given us a gift of Him by Him. He cannot stand evil in his presence or I think evil cannot stand his presence.
We ate of the fruit of knowledge long ago. So we know what is wrong the law of god is written on every heart. Funny how the most righteous people on earth don’t believe in the divinity of the Son And supposed the biggest most powerful Christian nation on earth can’t seem to irradiate them. In fact they seem to be getting stronger while we are getting weaker. They keep the commandments and follow the law of God
Woe to you whose love of money and possessions above god. Your brothers are starving and suffering throughout the planet. Yet the ones even close you will just push out of the way saying they are bothering and harassing you.
Woe to you to you who onerous tasks before my people. The Lord’s Yoke is light you have put all sorts of conditions about their necks.
Woe to you who look at their neighbor’s wife with sexual desire. Woe to you who fail to show modesty and cause your neighbor to sin
Woe to you who are proud and boastful, you will be brought low. Your pompousness and praise from mankind will have no place with the lord
Woe to you who offend and harm the weakest, including your children.
Woe to you who lock up the worst offenders among you and yet will not even visit them in their prison.
The Lord wants to gather his people under his wings, but we will not let him. The Helper is out among many of you right now, but you will not see. Therefore there will be many disasters coming yet.
The Light/Word does not care about time or space. He does care about love for him because if you have love for Him you will have love for his creation and your brethren.
He said “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Keep my laws and follow me.” He was NOT talking about material things
The Great city is being smitten with plagues right now there will be more she’s drunk with the blood of the saints. She will be hit with everything in the book because of her iniquities. Please people of God take heed.
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