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Subject The bilderberg Group
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Original Message Folks, you all need to realize who is truly behind all of this. Our political system has been corrupted by greed and fear of being held accountable for some of the things that they have done in the past - BY The Bilderberg Group! NO JOKE, NO BULL - The Bilderberg Group are a group of approximately 145 of the richest of the rich - from all across the world. This group own together or apart just about anything of value around the world, and they have one desire - To control the World.

They created the European Union, and the Asian Union, and they have had their sights on the US for decades now. Remember last year when the oil and gas prices went sky high? You can thank the Bilderberg Group for that. They said that it was to counter the aggressive growth of China - so they jacked the prices up to keep their control over the oil industry. They built the new oil pipeline that now runs through Afghanistan. Before one of our soldiers ever stepped foot in Afghanistan, the Bilderberg Group tried to bribe the Taliban. They said, and I quote," We will fill your coffers with gold (if you don't harm - in fact protect the new oil pipeline), or we will pound your country to dust with our bombs!" The Taliban refused the bribe, and bang - we are now in Afghanistan fighting the very same Taliban that our CIA created during the Russian occupation!

All of a sudden - they are the bad guys that we just have to wipe off the face of the earth - to protect the regular people of that country. What a load of crock!!! Then, if we care so much about the people of different countries - then why haven't we jumped into Burma - to help the Corrin people from the resheme government there? Why haven't we stepped into West and South Africa to help all those poor folk that are being slaughtered? Because - The Bilderberg Group want the genecyde to continue in those countries - once the populations have been desimated - then they will come in and rape every natural resource in those countrys. This is what they do!

Bush & Cheney did what they were told and deregulated everything that Clinton re-regulated from the Reagan ara. Clinton did what he was told, and Obama is doing what he is told. Both sides of the isle are bought and paid for - that is why you have noticed that the peoples' wants and needs are no longer the issue anymore! They are all in the deep pockets of the Bilderburg Group - who want to cram Canada, America, and Mexico together, and call it the North American Union!

The UN will at that time govern us, and we will no longer have counties and States to represent us - there will be "provinces" huge provinces. It will be a POLICE STATE, but the local police won't be in control, it will be the foreign military that walks our streets with fully automatic machine guns - and they will have no hesitation to fire on anyone that tries to stand against this whole new "NEW WORLD ORDER". The Bilderberg Group want Kaus to occur first, that is why you are seeing the Police forces being affected first - they are our first line of defence! The group want to cause as much Kaus as possible - and then come up with their solution - the UN! Look, States are now declaring their sovergnty - demonstrating that no matter what happens to the whole - they will remain independant of the UN's control. The leaders of these States know what is about to occur - and they are taking the steps before hand to protect what they love - their independance. But it won't really matter.

This whole thing has been planned out to the "T". The Bilderberg Group even wrote in their manifest of intent - that they intend to drop the world population from the now 6 billion - back down to 1 billion as soon as possible. How can a few people managed to kill 5 billion human beings? Welcome to the Swine Flu!!! Scientist that investigated the strain said publically that it was man made in a lab - it has no history what so ever. Now, in the early 70's, the CIA even admitted that they "accidently" released the "African bird/swine flu" into the United States. I was in the military at the time, and they gave me two shots to protect me from that strain back then. They say that you will supposedly need three shots for this strain - and that it will absolutely become more deadly in the Fall. But watch for the "Ebola" virus to show up out of no where - that will kill millions in less than a month! This is from a group of 145 of the richest SOB's on the planet.

Folks, you need to investigate everything I have just told you - it is a fact - every bit of it, and it is heading our way fast! It is not a joke, it is not bull, the group had their annual meeting May 14 - 17 just outside of Athens Greece. The group were supposed to be discussing whether to extend the depression - including food shortages, or to shorten the depression - and just take over the United States of America! Sick, I know. I also know that there are many out there just like me - that will stand and fight - against enemies both foreign and domestic!!! That is why the Bilderberg Group had a bill placed in congress to make it a felony for anyone to say anything that may be offensive to anyone else! A FELONY to be able to speak our minds?

And - our Police have been issued "allert" messages from the FBI. These are the new groups of people to watch out for as they may be "Terrorists". Men wearing blue geans that are friendly to Police. Anyone that discusses the Constitution openly. Any American Veterans! Anyone carrying a road atlas in their vehicles. There is more, but I didn't get it all! In the news recently, they stated that the Boy Scouts are being trained by our military to shoot disgruntaled Veterans! They showed a photo of these boys dressed in black with fake machine guns in their hands! I am not making any of this up! You need to know this - we are being sold down the river by our own representitives - thanks completely by "THE BILDERBERG GROUP" Look this name up on the net - and then do your homework!
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