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Subject The Zeshua Prophecies
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Original Message On 06/14/07 Zeshua posted at TTI :
"I would hope to impart wisdom to those seldom few who are wise enough, not to reject what I have to say, without careful consideration. What I have to share will be brief, and will only require a few moments of your time. You may choose to accept what I have to say, or you may reject it. Or you may choose, if it is your pleasure, the third option. The world as it is, in your current day as I post this on the 14th of June 2007, will no longer be sustainable. I do apologize for the inconvenience, please consider a more sustainable balance for your futures. Global economic imbalances must be corrected, Cultural imbalances must be corrected. This due course of events will happen as I have stated previously. In your current time the course of events of which I speak is set in stone and will not change. You will hear words like "Civil War" and "Massacre in Palestine", The Middle East will erupt in chaos and all out war. It starts and then stops, then starts up again, this is a continuous struggle which has gone on for years and will come to a very abrupt end. There is very little any one individual can do, I recommend you take heed, be vigilant, be concerned of important matters of the day. Become aware of alternative news sources, do not be "Told" how it is by the mass media which have come to pull the wool over your eyes. When it happens, you will know. It is now, only a matter of time."

Note that the above declaration that the world’s current economic state was “unsustainable” was posted in June 2007, just a few months before this miserable Recession arrived in December 2007. The abovementioned “Palestinian Massacre” also subsequently occurred, in January 2009, a year and a half AFTER Zeshua predicted it. She specifically predicted that it would occur between 2007 - 2009, and it occurred right on Zeshua’s schedule.

This is just a couple examples of the many predictions Zeshua seems to have gotten correct. She also correctly predicted the economic collapse, even correctly predicting the exact year it would begin: 2007. She predicted the Katrina crisis. She predicted the date of John Paul II’s death. She predicted that 2008 would be worse than 9/11, and from an economic perspective, it was. She predicted the sudden influenza outbreak and the vaccination problems that are to follow, possibly involving FEMA. She predicted that Pakistan will soon fall to Islamic rule, and that Islam would acquire nuclear weapons before the end of 2009. She predicted a regional Middle East War starting up before the end of 2009 that would involve Israel and eventually go nuclear. A World Leader appears, and "everything changes in 2010" (in 2026, many people believe that World Leader to have been the Biblical Antichrist). She also predicted a worldwide spiritual revolution occurring between 2010-2012. The ongoing Recession, however, will continue at least through 2011, after which a new world war will replace it as the major issue of the day. She predicted that the dollar will fall so severely that by 2011, barter will partially replace the dollar as currency within the United States.

She predicts the end of interstate trucking in America after 2009 (thus the salt issue mentioned below). She predicts that the majority of cities and counties in America are about to go bankrupt, along with many of the States.

She predicts terrible, terrible times coming soon to America, with horrific social unrest, starvation, and eventually, mass migrations of citizens into both Canada and Mexico. All to occur before 2015.

By my calculations (mine, not Zeshua's) we have only about 100 days or so left before TSHTF. That's 100 days left with stocked stores and retail outlets. 100 days is probably not enough time to prepare if you haven't started
already, but 100 days is better than zero days. Zeshua maintained, like Titor, that the majority of deaths in the days ahead will not be from the flu or other diseases. Nor will they be from war or civil disorder, although all of these will bring their share. The greatest issue will be starvation, death from lack of food/water/salt. Unlike Titor, Zeshua added that a large number of people in America actually end up dying from a lack of salt before they run out of food Take a moment and consider just how dramatic and severe a social system collapse would have to be before lack of salt actually became a significant health risk.
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