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Subject LOL Hal Turner bitching about -STORY UPDATES TO VOM- then pulls same trick with. "China & US Dollar Headline; no story, story!!!
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Original Message **BULLSHIT ALERT**
Although he has been right once or more.

New York, NY -- Bloomberg Business News is one of the largest players in the business media. They not only run breaking news and exclusive stories, they do so quite fast. In addition, they routinely issue "UPDATES" to their stories so when a reader goes back to a story and sees it has changed, they understand that what they are reading is the latest information. Pretty good, right?

On Friday, we here at Turner Radio Network (TRN) ran a story about the ongoing "crisis" with North Korea and included comments from a member of the U.S. House of Representatives who confirmed for us that the entire "crisis" was manufactured to pro-up the failing U.S. Dollar.

The Member of Congress pointed out to us that for five straight weeks, the value of the U.S. dollar had fallen severely against other currencies and that China was watching their two trillion in cash (and $700 Billion in Treasuries) evaporate in value. The Member of Congress told us that within days of the North Korean crisis developing, the Dollar magically recovered what it had lost in the prior five weeks because people worldwide still view the Dollar as a safe haven in times of crisis. In fact, since the Korean crisis developed, the Dollar actually gained in value against Gold, which was allowing China to dump its dollar holdings without losing much if any value. At the end of that story, we promised a major expose' to be published right here, Sunday night. (Tonight)

Lo and behold, this morning Bloomberg Business news runs with a banner exclusive story headlined "Treasuries `Only Game in Town' as China Boosts Holdings While Dollar Falls"

There's just one problem: The headline actually goes to . . . . . . NO STORY! Yes, you read that right. There is no story! If you click on the link to that story, you get a cute little message that reads "STORY TO FOLLOW"

Let me ask you, in your entire life, have you EVER seen a major media outlet run a link to a story on their web site, without actually having a story? I haven't. Yet such is the case right now!

Why do you think they chose to do this? I'll tell you why: They know what we published on this blog on Friday and they know it is true. They are trying to preempt our expose' due to come out late tonight, so as to cover up or mitigate the effects of that story when markets open around the world.

You see the truth is very dangerous to "the powers that be" (TPTB) . They don't want the truth coming out because when the truth comes out and they are exposed as the thieving, lying, manipulating scum that they are, average people start to get ticked off. Average people start taking steps to protect themselves and their hard-earned savings. TPTB can't allow that to happen because then they won't be able to steal as much from all of us!

Who did TPTB turn to to try to mitigate our pending Expose? Bloomberg! The Oy Vey crowd sticks together and uses their ownership of almost the entire media to reinforce their shenanigans!

Go click the link to the Bloomberg non-story and you'll see I'm correct.

Oh, and if they should happen to delete the link to the non-story, I took a screen shot of their web page, with links, which I can upload to prove everything I've just said.

Bloomberg non-story here
[link to www.bloomberg.com]

So I wonder what the mega e-hero update will bring...
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